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    I've got a couple of model layouts going in Trainz, once I've finished (or binned) them, might just fire up DRS again for another go at the editor. Revisit the basics so if the promised real world terrain import comes to pass, I'm not too rusty.

    With regard to SimRail my other concern is how they plan to fund the multiplayer in the long term. It can't be cheap to keep running those servers and if they aren't selling any DLC then that leaves some sort of subscription (maybe). Just a theory but if that happened, not for me.


      Be nice to have DEM and map overlay importation in DRS, Vern. My efforts in it were flat earth, as i don't understand how to manipulate the terrain manually.
      What got me interested was watching SmartTube (YT derivitative, no adverts) on my FireTV Cube last night. One of Oskari's vids to show off the new scenery updates. I thought the auto generated level crossings were excellent and the new road laying system.

      There will be at least route DLC's for SimRail, buddy. They have been touting for UK developers and other EU countries besides Poland. Along with those i guess there will be loco and rolling stock DLC, to compliment the routes. As you probably know a US route is already being developed.

      Yma O Hyd