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RSI LocoSim?

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    RSI LocoSim?

    I recently came across a train cab and simulator at a train museum - The software was called RSI LocoSim.

    Does anyone have any information on this software?

    I found this old Video on youtube

    LocoSim® - Simulation Platform (

    the website gives me an error now, but wayback machine has a few saved copies.

    The one from Dec 7 2021 had this on the About US page:

    Who We Are

    Rail Simulations Inc. (RSI), has quickly established itself as an industry leader in railroad training and consulting. RSI was created by Tony Marquis in 2012. Tony's Class 1 railroad experience totals nearly 40 years in both Operating and Executive Leadership roles in Canada, the United States, and Colombia, South America. His vast background and passion for the industry created the basis of the product and service offerings RSI offers today.

    Does anyone here know this product, or Tony Marquis?

    I'm curious what happened to them - the sim looked interesting!

    That's just stock standard OR, probably with a few homebrew features or graphical changes. Heck, the route used in the video is just the TrainSimulations Ruel Sub with a reskinned SD70M-2 (also from TS). I've known about this company for a while but couldn't recall it because of the extremely generic name. In the past, they've worked with some large railroads, Canadian Pacific being the most recognizable.

    I don't recommend visiting their website, it looks like the domain has been relinquished, because it currently leads you to a NSFW virus site.