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Raildriver or Macroworks 3.1?

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    Raildriver or Macroworks 3.1?

    I've recently decided to blow the dust off my raildriver after some months of non use,Before I put it on the shelf, it worked flawlessly, now and after the TS2017 upgrade, I reinstalled the macroworks 3.1 v. and noticed the RD calibration prompt never launched after the instructed pc reboot so I launched it manually and calibrated. I started up steam and tested with the CP Route's ES44AC and after turning on the lights, they commenced to turning off and on consistently as well as the forward/reverser going up and down, along with the throttle jumping wildly. All controls erratically operating on their own.I had no luck narrowing the problem down only figuring there must be some bad or corrupted script.

    Windows 7 Home Premium
    AMD Athlon II X2 250 processor 3.00GHz
    64 bit 8.00GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 TI
    4050 MB
    1280 x 1024 (32 BIT) (60Hz)
    Retired Foreman UPRR

    Hi! well the fact that you were not prompted to re-calibrate tells me that there is some old file somewhere that may not be playing nice with the new TS2017 . I would suggest that you start fresh,

    With the RD unplugged:

    Out with the old:

    First uninstall MacroWorks 3.1 via control panel

    Then follow this path C:\Program Files (x86) and delete the PI Engineering folder .

    And here C:\Users\YouUserNameHere\AppData\Local and delete the PI Engineering folder.
    - If the “AppData” folder is not shown , you will need to “Show Hidden Files and Folders” buy following these instructions

    In with the new:

    This link , has the software ( “MW3.1 Installation Package v. ) and all the steps you need to install.

    Now , right-click the MW3 icon you see on the desktop and choose “Properties>Compatibility Tab>Checkmark in the “Run as admin” box>Reboot the computer.

    Once the computer is rebooted plug in the RD and launch MW3.1, you should be prompted to re-calibrate the unit.

    Kind regards,


      Hey Liam, thanks for the reply! I'll certainly be on these instructions tonight. Meanwhile, I was going thru my Railvehicle folders and discovered that many of the locomotives diesel and electric, are missing just about all of their files, including, passengerview, Bogies, characters, and so forth.Almost as if they were trainstored. I did a verify cache run but they still didn't appear.I'm just getting back into the swing of things and finding this issue quite interesting.
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      Retired Foreman UPRR


        Big thanks Liam, worked out just right! up and running. I had to replenish the lost RailVehicles files from my Assets backup folder, just as I thought, all the missing files more than likely had Raildriver wondering just what was it supposed to be operating All back to normal tho!.
        Retired Foreman UPRR


          I installed and have been testing/using MacroWorks 3.1 version for Train Simulator.
          It can be downloaded from

          The documentation says:
          By downloading this software, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
          Download: MW3.1 Installation Package v. (6.39 MB) Updated 1/2/18
          RailDriver® Calibration v.
          MacroWorks 3.1 for Train Simulator v.
          Release Notes:
          Creates the MyScripts key in the registry so that the RD Calibration program knows where to store the .rdm file."

          It actually contains RailDriver® Calibration v. but it appears to work the same.

          So far I have tested this version on several American, European and Asian locomotives and am very pleased with the results. There is a more responsive throttle, DB and pneumatic brake control. The Pro versions do require you to use the mouse for many of the new features and the RailDriver will prevent some headlight switches from working with the mouse. the analoge controls work much better if you calibrate very carefully (put throttle idle just slightly up the "Idle" ridge and the dynamic brake set-up slightly down the "Set-up" ridge. It's up to you but I found by taking the spring off the throttle lever inside the controller the throttle is more stable and won't wander when not touched. The automatic brake is much better. The brakes will respond as soon as you push up from the released position. Before I had to move it up about 1/4" (.6 cm).

          Using the RailDriver controller is much more pleasurable with TS 2018 than with the older versions of MacroWorks 3.1 including v.

          If you wish to drive the EMD GP20 SP or UP you will still have to download RailWorks_Combined_Script_210_template.mw3


          or else the throttle will shut down the engine when in "IDLE".