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Importing calibration file for ORTS

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    Importing calibration file for ORTS

    I'm in the process of migrating all my Train Sim content to a dedicated computer. What file in the ORTS folder is the RailDriver calibration file? Will just copying the calibration file work in restoring the stored buttons and calibration settings?
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    The Stable version of ORTS is looking for the file "ModernCalibration.RDM" that was copied to the Train Simulator root folder during the calibration steps. If you have multiple instances of Train Simulator folders due to having payware routes segregated out as is needed more often in ORTS, this file has probably been copied to each individual one. Or should have been.

    According to the Installation Guide document that comes with the ORTS installer, if the "ModerCalibration.rdm" file isn't inside the Train Simulator folder that the route you're running is in, then it looks in the Registry to fins where the RailDriver utility is installed -- usually HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/PI Engineering/PIBUS/RailDriver. That's assuming that you have the RailDRiver utility installed, and the current calibration file is in there too.

    The original (Stable versions) implementation of the RailDriver doesn't support re-mapping the buttons, so they're hard-coded in Open Rails and you don't have to worry about moving transferring their settings.

    If you're using either PerpetualKid's OR "Ultimate" Monogame branch or the Carlo Santucci's OR New Year MG branch, then there's no need for the calibration file. Instead, calibration and control mapping is handled within the "RailDriver" section of the Open Rails menu. (The RailDriver needs to be plugged in for it to be detected in order for the menu option to be visible.) You may need to re-calibrate and re-map controls since the settings are stored alongside the main Open Rails settings in the Registry, which don't easily transfer to a new computer unless you've kept everything the same and/or are comfortable with exporting and importing Registry settings.

    I prefer the behavior of the RailDriver under PerpetualKid's implementation; the calibration tends to be more accurate and has finer resolution. The controls have less of a "rubber band" behavior -- that's due to the kind of position sensors used in the RailDriver; they're very precise but have to be handled a bit differently in software compared to the standard potentiometers used in most joysticks, and I believe that output then is converted to keypresses that ORTS can handle.

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