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Embedding pictures in posts

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    Embedding pictures in posts

    Subtitle "Hey, the forum changed again, everything is weird in here!"

    Well, Otto did a tutorial on posting screenshots in the Screenshot Forum about four years ago, but the forum format has changed so many times a lot of the old info is no longer valid. Also the Screenshot Forum is now the MSTS Screenshot Forum and there's a different one for RS/RW, so I'm posting this in General.

    For MSTS you hit the Print Screen key and it saves the image as a PCX file. For those of you using trainsims that don't have built in screen captures, get Martin Wright's Multi Grab from and set that to monitor and intercept the Print Screen key. If you don't already have his latest DLL files you'll need to install those first.

    Many people already have their own favorite image editors (I still use PSP7), but if you don't have one and don't have the dough to buy one, Martin Wright to the rescue again - download Image Converter from the same website.

    Whatever format the image is in this program will convert to BMP so you can edit it in Windows Paint, then convert to JPG and compress under 100kB so the forum will accept it.

    Once you edit the image and convert to JPG, compress down to less than 100 kilobytes for upload,

    EDITED October 2010, new procedure.

    To use the new image upload, first you need to set your editor;

    Scroll down to miscellaneous options, Message Editor Interface, tick the Enhanced Interface option;

    Save changes, now whenever you click the Insert Image icon you'll get the new interface;

    Which allows you to upload the image directly into the message box without having to upload a thumbnail attachment first.

    Formatting after that, in the upper right corner of the image that appears in the message box is a pencil icon, click on that;

    And you can change the size and alignment. Near as I can tell the title, description, and styles don't actually do anything, possibly those are for thumbnails or something.

    Limit is five attachments per post, if you want to attach more than that options are;

    Unlimited space to host images, easy to use image uploader, albums, photo hosting, sharing, dynamic image resizing on web and mobile.


    Store your photos and videos online with secure storage from Photobucket. Available on iOS, Android and desktop. Securely backup your memories and sign up today!

    And for that, you take the "" link they give you, and CTRL C to copy it, same procedure with clicking the "Insert Image" icon, and CTRL V to paste the ImageShack or PhotoBucket link into the URL window, thusly;

    There's a new option in the "From URL" screen to retrieve the file and host it locally, be advised that if it's over 100kB you'll get an error message so you have to uncheck the box for local hosting. Also I think we're still limited to a maximum of ten images per post, and smilies are included in the count, so if you want to post 10 images you'll have to leave out the smiley faces.

    Things to bear in mind, not everyone has a wide screen 600 inch HDTV monitor, so I try to keep my images less than 1280 wide. Also the dialuppers will be waiting 20 minutes for the page to load if you stick 100 pictures in the same post, so like anything else don't go CocoNuts with that.
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    And hyperlinks!

    Judging by the "do a search for" responses to newbies, some people aren't aware of this;

    Find the post that has the info you want to pass on, click the number to view a single post;

    Highlight the text in the address bar, CTRL C to copy it;

    Paste into the post and it shows up as a hyperlink that takes the newbie directly to that post, like this one:

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