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Something I made an Alco RS1 or What are they doing now?

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    Something I made an Alco RS1 or What are they doing now?

    Hello all! I think it was in 2016 I started learning Blender. I'm still at it but now I'm going to get schooled in Unity and I have no idea where that will lead to. But it's given me some downtime and I thought I would post a picture or two of what I've done lately in Blender and it is relevant to trains. So here goes...



    It's just a fictitious model I based on my Canton route. There's no interior, yet, and most likely won't be though I have some reference files to make on should I get that ambitious.

    I have done numerous 3D models in Blender of various 'things' and if you'd like to check them out, here's my ArtStation page...

    Now if you remember me or even if you know my work you'd say, "oh, you used to build routes." Yep, I did and I have started one in Trainz and I made some progress with it but not enough to say anything more about it. But back when I was building routes, like from 2001-2012, I wouldn't even try to build any rollingstock. I figured it be way above my paygrade. And building routes took long enough as far as I was concerned.

    Something I just wanted to share.

    Rich Garber

    Hi Rich,

    Rich who ?!?!?

    Hah - just kidding. Hope you're well.

    I just posted this a few days ago.

    It's amazing how different your route can look in ORTS with ReShade lighting - - - and a few upgrades.

    As you can see - I love Alco's. Nice work on your model. BLW/ZT has substantially better models of same posted below in their newer packs - one of these days I may reskin them for use on the L&N. Gotta love Harlan KY...

    Cumberland by Scott B, on Flickr

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    My Blender Models


      Took a look at the artstation website...but that is VERY expensive to have a monthly subscription to Adobe Substance 3D Painter. It is not a trivial amount of money for just one program. If you are making models for a living..well maybe it is for you. I would hate to use it for a month, and then not use it for 6 at that price. Anyways, can't complain about your results!



        First, thanks Scott! Good to see the ole Cumberland again, it's been a pretty long time!

        Steve, thanks for the models compliment!

        And Steve, you are absolutely right. And for awhile I not only thought the same but did the same. Then a year later I learned this, you can buy the Substance Suite on Steam and unlike the subscription if you don't pay for the next upgrade you still get to use your copy of Substance Painter or the whole suite if you bought it. There is a caveat though. You don't get access to their online catalog of textures and whatever else is in that catalog. To some that's probably a negative but there are other sites where you can get textures and smart materials for a lot less and unlike the subscription based Adobe deal you get to keep the ones you downloaded if you no longer keep the subscription. At least I'm assuming you don't get to keep the ones you downloaded from Adobe if you have that subscription. My bad if I'm wrong there. If you can, that might be a reason to subscribe briefly (grab and growl and quit the subscription as fast as you can).

        Ultimately you're not paying that much less than if you had the subscription to Adobe but the deal maker in going the Steam route is it's yours permanently and you can keep using the program if you don't continue to pay the upgrade price every year. What's neat is, and I haven't tried this, is you can most likely skip a couple of years and buy the upgrade and your upgraded. That's the way I see it.

        Adobe Substance 3D Painter is the reference texturing app for 3D professionals and enthusiasts. From AAA Game Developers to Indies, from Feature Animation to Visual Effects studios, the industry uses Substance Painter to bring their creations to life.