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V&O Query - or help me Trainsim you're my only hope

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    V&O Query - or help me Trainsim you're my only hope


    I'm sure everyone here is feeling the inflation crunch, one way or another, so to occupy my time I've been delving into trying to find as much online information about Allen McClelland's Virginian & Ohio railroad. I have found the layouts for all three versions in PDF formatting, but am focusing on the Afton Division, 1957-2001 and the Gauly Division, 2001-2008.

    I have more experience with the Afton division having seen it in person two times during my youth and even twenty years later, well it's influence on me is still very strong, however both layouts have an irresistible pull.

    What I am sorely lacking is photos/video of both routes so that I can study them and start piecing together a photo montage to use for reference as I slowly build up experience using TSRE. I figured doing tiny sections of the layout would be the best way to start, and I can take advantage of Open Rails for quick viewing and also because my interest in this layout is so strong I feel it would keep my interest.

    So to paraphrase a famous quote - "Help me Trainsim, you're my only hope".


    There's this...



      It looks like this book will be coming out in January, not sure how much info it will have for you

      Allen McClelland made a profound impact on model railroading, and his Virginian & Ohio is one of the hobby’s best-known layouts of all time. It pioneered many concepts that later became standards in layout design. Get this historical book on the late Allen McClelland and how his influence helped bring model railroading to where it is today.

      It's sad we lost Allen recently. He and many others were big influences growing up in the 80's and 90's. Though I never had anything bigger then a 4x8, I always dreamed of having something like the V&O or Tony Koester's Allegheny Midland