For those who are a little tired of the two-tone blue style that's been around for the last 10+ years, there are now a couple experimental versions available in the lower left corner dropdown.
  • Conrail Blue
  • Brunswick Green
  • Tuscan Red
  • Armour Yellow (shown below and very, very yellow...)

You can select them using the style selector near the page footers:

Feel free to use these and provide feedback, especially if you find functionality is impacted. The site's content management system is very finnicky when it comes to styles... not only do they pass the look and feel, but things such as the site navigation and how to render the File Library pages is tied to it as well.

Apologies if I've snubbed your favorite livery. I've yet to dip my toes into a contrasting color scheme, but that's next up on the plate, so please let me know who you'd like to see next up.