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MSTS Scenery Object Subcategories in File Library

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    MSTS Scenery Object Subcategories in File Library

    Hi. I'm just wondering, I know that the MSTS scenery objects section of the file library has all scenery object files in one place and was (and still is) not subdivided by category (example: signals, signs, buildings, vehicles, etc.). So far, there is a road vehicle section, but it's mostly stuff from the UK, formerly hosted by UKTS.

    Can we finally get scenery object subcategories to the File Library? I know the search function can be used by typing the description of the scenery object (example: Coaling Towers), but this is just a suggestion to keep things organized.

    I'd be all for that. Elvas Tower has it, as well as The-Train. I'm currently doing a private modification to the PRR-ER, so having scenery item categories would be extremely helpful.

    NYC - Road of the Future


      It's already in work, and has been for a while. I wrote about it back in the May state of the site message.

      ​​​​​​Unfortunately , projects like that require time and money. Subscriptions at the present are covering the operating cost of the site, but they're not leaving extra money to bring a developer in to help make some of those projects happen.

      Where has the year gone? Here we are almost in the month of June, my granddaughter is out of school again, and my wife's tomato patch looks to be off to a good
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