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New amazing Consist Editor for OR and MSTS for FREE

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    New amazing Consist Editor for OR and MSTS for FREE

    New version here:

    ------------ ---------- ------------ ---------- ------------ ---------- -----------------

    I'm working on new editors and tools for OR (and MSTS). New Route Editor TSRE5 is available for some time.

    Next version will include new consist editor. I think it is better to start new topic for it.

    I want to know what you think about how it looks and what is must have feature in first release.

    Main features:
    1. Create and edit consists (including insert multiple items, reverse, delete items, edit durability etc)
    2. Amazing eng and consist realtime 3d preview based on my very fast TSRE5 engine. No more ugly thumbnails.
    3. Configurable user interface:

    And of course everything for free.
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    Thank you x 1000 for your efforts! Your screenshots look excellent and already include many of the features I would request.

    If possible, could you include a keyword search feature for the rolling stock lists? That way, one could search by type or carrier and temporarily limit the overall list of rolling stock.

    Though it may be outside the scope of your project, a programmable consist generator would be useful. Specifically, for unit-train consists with 1 car type but several individual models represented, like your train of tank wagons in the second screenshot. One could choose several examples from the rolling stock list, specify a length, number of cars, or train weight, and the program would create a random consist using only the selected cars. Afterwards, one could add locomotives (and a caboose/marker) and the train would be ready to go. The program would come in handy with 100+ car unit trains. Again, this idea is likely out of the scope of your project but I wanted to offer it in case you were interested.

    Again, thank you. I'm excited to give it a try!



      Goku, I would certainly have a look at yardmaster for some inspiration.

      To me, the biggest issue is finding the right stock. Because there are no standards of naming, that means multiple ways to find things - both file name and "name" field for sure. Search would be great. Filtering too. Even better would be to search the comments fields as well.

      I would like to suggest the introduction of some new fields in .wag and .eng files to make searching easier. They could be comment fields, for backward MSTS compatibility. Car/locomotive type, railroad operator, commodity are the obvious ones.

      The google school of design would suggest including just one search box that searches everything: file name, "name" field, comments, folder name, etc. Then it wouldn't matter about all the different naming conventions.



        Originally posted by tbundy1982 View Post
        If possible, could you include a keyword search feature for the rolling stock lists?
        Ok. Search box accepted.
        Originally posted by tbundy1982 View Post
        Though it may be outside the scope of your project, a programmable consist generator would be useful.
        It is nice idea, but now I'm asking about the must have features for the first release. I want to share it as soon as possible, but I do not want to make the same mistake I did with Route Editor where I released first early version without important features and some were disappointed.


          It looks like you have total mass and length of consist. Having total power and force along with power and force per ton of consist weight would be useful.


            Yeah, GokuMK, this looks impressive. Especially given the price (or lack thereof).

            For the north American market (I'm not sure if they're used elsewhere), there are a couple of other measurements that would be helpful. There is tons per operative brake (TPOB), and tons per axle dynamic (TPAD - used to calculate how much dynamic braking force is necessary to control a train). TPAD is probably not feasible within the program, since it would have to know how many axles an engine has, and whether that engine has dynamic brakes. The formulas are almost certainly out there somewhere. Given what is shown in the editor already, these can be easily done manually by the user with a calculator, something all computers should have anyway.


              Originally posted by ONRrailfan
              I notice (you're probably handling it) none of the crossings that I want to use from Bala 2.0 or Jovet sets are supported so I can't build any road crossings with lights or anything (yet). Any suggestions or insight? Super excited for this new consist editor
              Can you describe it in more details in RE thread?

              And tutorial .. maybe in 0.62 - 0.65 version where things will be more steady.
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                Your examples appear to list only filenames of CON, ENG and WAG files in the selection lists. The selection lists of MSTS and ORTS menus display the contents of the Name fields when a Name line is present in those files and the filename ONLY when a Name line is not present. All current consist editors also list the Name field when present. Listing the filename instead of the Name line makes it very difficult to find a desired item. Most of us simmers have developed naming conventions and edited the Name lines to suit our own needs. Some place the ENG/WAG type first then the railroad name. Personally I place the railroad name first then the ENG/WAG type. Oh and by type I do not mean diesel or electric or steam. I mean type as in model or as in GP38.


                  Looks interesing.

                  I wonder whether there could be more detail about the consist mass. When I Name() a consist, I try to include the non-powered mass in the Name(), so all wagon and/or carriage mass (but not tenders).
                  There seems to be enough screen space there to show total mass, powered mass and non-powered mass.


                    Very interesting, Goku! Nice work so far. Unit conversions on-the-fly would be helpful, especially since MSTS touches on railway equipment from around the world. Most use metric, but North America accounts for a fairly large chunk of popular MSTS content in some parts of the world. Though any calculations are only as accurate as the .eng and .wag files' own content.

                    Geoff, interesting point on the background. Personally, I'm all in favor of the light text/dark background myself, but I know some folks prefer more conventional dark text on a light background. Maybe a simple toggle setting between both would be appreciated?

                    My preference for dark background with light text stems from the fact that I spend a lot of time at a computer all day under less-than-ideal office lighting. Our work order system, and of course MS Office, are all dark text on a light background. After a day, my eyes are not happy with it. On my home setup, I prefer a darker room with good spot task lighting, and I use either light text/dark background settings where I can in many applications, or "low distraction" mode in a word processor which dims everything but the page area and softens the contrast a bit there, too. Much better on my aging eyes. Besides, I spent more than my fair share of time on computers back when they were green-on-black CRTs, or sometimes (more expensive) yellow/amber-on-black! Just comfortable that way.
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                      I see no problem with show miles/feet option, but which one implement?

                      Originally posted by lateagain
                      Great Job Goku, only part I'm not keen on is the Black Background?
                      In my editors you can use system theme from the first version


                        Originally posted by GokuMK View Post
                        I see no problem with show miles/feet option, but which one implement?

                        In my editors you can use system theme from the first version

                        Looks good to me, but as Eric says above if that can be a user choice? Dark or light background/text.

                        As for which Miles/Feet Option I would have thought that it has to be Imperial (as opposed to US) because of countries using those measurements more use Imperial? Interestingly most countries that used Imperial measurements have embraced the Metric system and use some of both? In the UK for instance we use metric for short measures e.g. carpets, timber etc. but Miles for Distance and speed. We use BOTH for liquids (Beer in Pints and Wine in ml.)

                        For trains Speed would be M.P.H. and Distance in Imperial Miles. ....but modern stock would be load rated in Metric Tons whilst older stock would be rated in Imperial Tons and Cwt.

                        Hope that makes things clearer?
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                          I wanted to release CE with new version of RE, but it is ready for over two months and I think it is better to release it now.
                          1. Download and unzip
                          2. Run "Con Editor.bat"
                          [OPTIONAL] edit settings.txt and set path to your MSTS/OR routes/trains directory:
                          gameRoot = F:/train simulator

                          How to use:
                          1. select consist from list or click file->new
                          2. find train on list, double click or click "add"
                          3. enter file name if empty
                          4. file->save

                          Graphic con view:
                          mouse - select
                          F - flip
                          Del - delete
                          Left/Right - move left/right

                          It is not finished, but still fun to use.
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                            I've had a chance to spend a bit of time with this new consist editor. I'm really impressed. It is now going to become my main consist editor.

                            Some things I really like:

                            It's snappy.
                            Great graphics - better than Shape Viewer or any other consist editor. And the graphics barely seem to slow things down (although there is a short lag, measured in seconds).
                            Search feature is really nice
                            I like having one view that uses the name but substitutes file name if it can't find it.
                            The ability to view long names
                            Easy consist changes - moving position via arrow keys, deleting. All smooth.
                            I appreciate that I am now able to view the route editor and consist editor on my retina screen which has more pixels
                            Shows Freight animations on .eng and .wag files



                              Hi Chris !

                              How did you find out how to do all this because I can not see it in its documentation nor in its Help option ?
                              Web site: