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New amazing Consist Editor for OR and MSTS for FREE

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    And one question for these who use other consist editors. What is missing in my CE you need to use it as default CE (except loose consists and imperial units)?


      Originally posted by baldwin
      While it is nice to have a new consist editor I feel that there is a greater need to finish the route editor before looking at these other functions.
      Agreed here.Some features have not been addressed that were discussed back in winter.
      Iowa Chicago and Eastern Mason City Sub


        Originally posted by cnwfan View Post
        Agreed here.Some features have not been addressed that were discussed back in winter.
        I'm sorry for that. I wasn't able to work on Route Editor for couple months. One of reasons why I'm working on CE instead is that it is trivial task copmared to RE (for example RE is 20k lines of code, CE is only additional 1.5k). But don't worry, RE will be updated in the future.


          Editing loose consists done

          but because I am doing full ACT file read/write (not just stupid consist data replacement) you will have to wait a little for download version. ACT has hundrets of values, I need to put in "save" function. And now I am going to play new addon for Witcher 3 and it will also take me some time


            You have a good sense of design. I was afraid adding activity consists would compromise usability, but no, you've made it elegant.

            Already your consist editor is my default. I do have need to change activity rolling stock, so I'm glad that's coming.

            I like your shape viewer better than the existing shape viewer in some respects, but three things would send me off to use the existing shape viewer: copying the image to the clipboard (not yet working for me), mouse controls up and down so I can see the roof and a command to see what texture files the model has and to uncheck one so I can tell which texture apply to which features. (That feature has nothing to do with building consists - it's something I use in the course of reskinning).

            I might use yardmaster if I'm having trouble searching for rolling stock. For example I was trying to find all wagons built by "Paul Charland." But he is modest and his name does not appear in the file name or the name field. I think it is in the comments, but currently your consist editor doesn't search comments.

            I would also go off and use RouteRiter or a text editor to go modify the name field. It would be nice to do that right from the consist editor. I also use route-riter to find and fix broken rolling stock.

            None of these are necessary features as they already exist. But you did ask, so that's my answer.



              If I remember correctly the MSTS AE deletes *.asv file whenever the *.act file is changed. The *.asv when present in the activities folder is loaded in preference to the *.act file. The *.asv file supposedly loads faster than the *.act file. A *.asv file is created whenever the "Compute and Save" option is used in the MSTS AE.



                Hi Eric,
                You're correct in that the asv files are compiled activities and, thus, load (and possibly run) faster, although in these days of very fast processors (compared with 2001), I would think they are unnecessary.

                I'm pretty certain that an asv file is NOT deleted when the act file of the same name is amended. I base this on the fact that, in my very early days, I amended a default .act file, but my changes weren't effected; on deleting the asv file, the act worked as I intended. Since then, I've always deleted asv files!



                  I believe if you just "Save" in the AE the *.asv file is deleted. If you "Compute and Save" a new *.asv is created. You get into trouble when a *.asv exists and you manually edit any of the files that are used by an activity and fail to re-save it in the AE.



                    Originally posted by stlsf4003
                    SO...Can someone tell how to set this thing up?
                    Download ZIP, unzip, run "Con Editor.bat".


                      Originally posted by stlsf4003
                      I should probably note that i have no idea what the heck i'm doing. So could someone walk me through this?
                      You don't need to edit settings.txt file. Just click "Con Editor.bat", click the top button and choose your Train Sim folder.


                        Small update:
                        You can duplicate existing consist. Use "Consist->Clone".
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                          New experimental version:

                          (NOTE: this only an update. Download first, and apply the update )

                          New features:

                          First shape viewer for OR content:
                          - OR Eng files in openrails directory,
                          - OR freightanims,
                          - DDS textures,

                          Other features:
                          - save shape view to file
                          - edit eng/con in text editor
                          - ANSI ENG files (but please don't use ANSI files in your projects!),
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                            New version:

                            Whats new:
                            - some small features
                            - now all opengl windows use one eng lib, so no doubled loading
                            - consist delete
                            - eng sets

                            What are eng sets?
                            Eng sets are dedicated for better experience with multi-mesh/multi-eng locomotives, steam locomotives etc.

                            For example, now you can add to consist steam loco and tender in one click.
                            It's possible to have many eng sets for one locomotive:

                            How eng sets works?
                            Consist with name = eng_name -> eng set*
                            Consist with name = eng_name#something -> eng set

                            * I think it's worth ignore this case because lots of default consist have names like it's eng.
                            What are you thinking?

                            Eng must be included in it's eng set consist.

                            For some trains it works ootb, for others you must create your own sets:

                            How create new eng set?
                            1. Create new consist.
                            2. Add trainset you want in new eng set.
                            3. Enter in file name what you want after eng name or leave empty.
                            4. Click Consist -> Save as eng set:

                            If you don't like eng sets you can disable them in Settings menu.
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                              A great addition to the editor.

                              Editor could use update function to re-read database without having to re-start the editor.
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                                New version:
                                - bug fixes.
                                - con editor bat file for 32 bit TSRE5, so windows x32 users don't need to do it yourself.