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Anti-Virus Software that works best with MSTS Train-Sim

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    Anti-Virus Software that works best with MSTS Train-Sim

    My laptop contracted a virus this week that destroyed Months and Months of labor-intensive file downloads and/or modifications...I'm taking it to the 'laptop doctor' this weekend for a diagnosic evaluation, which may boil down to a complete wipe of my harddrive and reinstalling Windows 10 I figured that since some of you have already had this situation, you might recommend some anti-virus software that seems to work best with MSTS Train-Sim and does not tend to block downloads...I am FULLY open to suggestions and/or experience(s)...thanks! Bill
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    If it comes down to having to wipe your hard drive, it shouldn't, I would get a new one (SSD) and reinstall on that one.
    You can use your current drive as a second one and all of your stuff should be there. Get a USB drive cable.
    Hook up your second drive after you've reinstalled and have put an antivirus in place then scan it.
    I've been using BitDefender free for years without issue.



      Hi Bill,

      I use this:
      Connect to ESET web based services and products with your ESET Account.

      $90 per year protects all my systems.

      This AV is aggressive but does not impact Open Rails, TSRE, Fallout 4, Skyrim or any of the many legacy games I use.
      Configurable and in the past two-three weeks has caught and removed several attempts of attack.

      There seems to be an uptick in the number of attempts lately that I've not seen in the past.
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        I have used the Kasperkey Internet Security Suite for years. I don't run OR with the internet connected, so simply disable Kaspersky when ready to run trains.
        No download interference at all.

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          I use a 2nd PC for MSTS/Open Rails without an Internet connection. theres no need for it. For new consists and additions, i just simply use my USB stick, format, then run a virus scan weekly then run the sim. It runs a lot faster on FPS without all those program software "bells and whistles" that's commonly required to protect your PC. No Google, No Outlook, no nothing... just an OS and Open Rails, and 2nd hard drive as a backup and storage..
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            I am currently using Kaspersky after having a problem with AVG a couple of years ago.
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              ZoneAlarm Extreme Security by Checkpoint.



                It does not matter which one works best with MSTS. Most all AV programs have a setting that tell them to ignore listed folders. Just tell your AV to ignore the folders containing MSTS files. As in exclude C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator or exclude D:\MSTS.