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TSRE5 OHE wire Doubt

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    TSRE5 OHE wire Doubt

    How to remove overhead wires of unelectrified tracks using TSRE5
    Karthik Iyer
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    Are you using Open Rails or MSTS? In Open Rails open options>video The right hand column of print the very top one is Overhead Wire. If there is a check mark in the box click to remove it and that should remove the wire. I don`t remember how to do that in MSTS.



      Originally posted by Karthik90 View Post
      How to remove overhead wires of unelectrified tracks using TSRE5
      I don't think you can as the wire is coded in the GLOBAL\TSection.dat file.

      For instance, the PRR-East route has non-electrified sections west of Harrisburg. How the builders handled that is when you are running in the western sections with MSTS you run a batch (bat) file before starting that removes overhead wires. There is another batch file that when run will restore the wires for the MSTS users.

      With Open Rails as stated there is a checkbox that will do the job.
      Either method removes and/or restores the overhead wires as needed.

      There are other methods but they require different track types and there is Catmaster that will do the job but require route editing.

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        I've enjoyed exploring PRR East V2 in open rails. How do I get the Catenary wires to display in Open Rails? They show in the North East Corridor routes, but not in the PRR East routes.


          Found it, there is a file in routes PRR_EAST_REG-2 called WIRED-UP.Bat that fixed it. Thanks for post to look for the batch file.