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TSRE5 Passenger Boarding Times

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    TSRE5 Passenger Boarding Times


    I am currently trying to create an activity for the Victoria, Epping line and I'm facing an issue with the timetable. The problem is that the train is scheduled to arrive at 12:02:15 and depart at 12:02:30 but the passenger boarding time is over 3 minutes. How would I go about matching up the passenger boarding time to the difference in the arrival and departure times? (In this case 15 seconds)

    The activity editor I'm using is TSRE5 and I'm playing the activity in Open Rails.

    Cheers, Will
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    Boarding time is built into the platform object. You'd need to edit that to impact the calculation.

    If you feel brave, edit the TDB directly and find the Platform name and then update the "PlatformMinWaitingTime ( 180 )" value to 15. By default, it's 180 seconds.


      Thanks for the reply.

      I have done some playing around and modified both the TDB and TIT files for all platforms as following:

      PlatformItem (
      TrItemId ( 105 )
      TrItemSData ( 200.461 00000002 )
      TrItemRData ( 668.985 1.01102 -963.138 1203 10096 )
      PlatformTrItemData ( ffff0000 104 )
      PlatformName ( "Clifton Hill platform 2" )
      Station ( "Clifton Hill" )
      PlatformMinWaitingTime ( 5 )
      PlatformNumPassengersWaiting ( 20 )

      Changing the PlatformMinWaitingTime alone did not seem to impact the passenger loading time. I also experimented with the PlatformNumPassengersWaiting both in the TDB and TIT files and changed the number of passengers waiting on each platform in the original MSTS Activity Editor. This was the only thing that seemed to have an impact. It seems as though for each passenger waiting on the platform the boarding time is 20 seconds. I'm not having much luck changing this time to 15 seconds or even adding +5 seconds.