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NALW AC4400 Error

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    NALW AC4400 Error

    i have the NALW AC4400 installed but everytime i try to run the game it says (error reading train database) i try to fix Route_Riter it still says (error reading train database)

    Whenever you get an error message in MSTS you should consult this website >>>

    If you'll look at the list on the left hand side of the page you'll notice your error --- 9th down from the top.
    If you're going to run MSTS...the Steam4Me website has to be read and consulted whenever you have problems.
    Cheers, Gerry
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      With respect, Gerry, I don't think the Steam4Me site will be of any help in this case!!

      As you haven't specified which NALW AC4400 loco you're referring to, I have assumed that it's AC4400CW_UP.eng from
      There are two errors in the Lights section, which upsets MSTS!
      1. Line number 660 has a spurious close bracket, and should be removed.
      2. Line number 68 is : Lights ( 33 This should be : Lights ( 31
      3. A new line with only a close bracket should be inserted between lines 752 and 753

      I appreciate that you may not be using an editor which shows line numbers, so have attached a .zip file containing the revised .eng file.