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Basic fixes for fresh install of MSTS

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    Basic fixes for fresh install of MSTS

    So, I was gifted a working old laptop and thought to myself, I wonder if this will run MSTS (as well as other older games)? Found my disks, installed. Installed the 1.4 update. Installed NewRoads, Xtracks, MSTS Bin 1.8, Conbuilder, RouteRiter, EngMod, and TrainStore. Btw, I was a big MSTS user in the early 2000's.

    What are the basic fundamental updates that need to be done to upgrade the physics, default.wag, brake profiles etc...

    I used to know what to do but its been over 15 years... I tried to do a search, but didn't find what I was looking for (500 result limit?). I was hoping to find a Sticky or Update FAQ.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to make my MSTS operate more realistically? TIA


    Welcome back.

    There's a set of replacement tracks for XTracks which will give older routes a nice facelift. They're in the library here: 88570

    The biggest improvement would be to try OpenRails, which replaces the MSTS game engine entirely. It's a pretty big step and there's a bit of a learning curve, but the realism for physics, signalling and running an activity are worth it. The installer is here: 88015
    If you like what you see here at, be it the discussions and knowledge in the forums, items saved in our library or the ongoing development of our TSRE Fork, I hope you'll consider a paid membership to help support keeping the site operating.... Thanks!


      If you are going to stay purely with MSTS and not move to ORTS, then for "basic fundamental updates that need to be done to upgrade the physics, default.wag, brake profiles etc", I would recommend a good text editor (I use Notepad++ which is a free program, but not from our file library) and Bob Boudin's physics profiles. I can't seem to find Bob's physics packs in the file library, though--just references to them. Maybe they got removed.

      EDIT: Helps to spell his name correctly.... Boudoin. Searching his name for the time period 2008-2010 gives several files
      MSTS Version 4.93 GE Physics File ID 72169
      MSTS Version 4.93 Alco Physics File ID 70899
      MSTS P40 Genesis Set 1 Physics Update File ID 71270

      That's as far as I got. There may be other stuff in the file library/forums. ​​​
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        First. Where did you install at? If you did not edit from the default C:\Program Filles\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator. STOP and start over following the Instructions at:


          I'm not sure if this old laptop will run Open Rails. Will look at that later. Right now having fun just playing around in MSTS.

          Thanks to everyone for the links!

          And I installed everything MSTS related on D: drive. Msts is in D:\MSTS.



            I would definitely get all the default replacement equipment you can find.