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Not running on Windows 11

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    Not running on Windows 11

    I am assuming that many of you have successfully run MSTS on Windows 11 machines. I have carefully followed Eric's Tutorial and it keeps coming up with the message: "Microsoft Train Simulator v 1.4 has stopped working." I do not even get to the screen to select an activity or any other options. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

    I would use the replacement, which is Open Rails, which works for all MSTS Trains and Routes.
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      Originally posted by just traincrazy View Post
      I am assuming that many of you have successfully run MSTS on Windows 11 machines.

      'Some of us', yes.

      'Many of us', nope.

      'Many of us' have been using its replacement and haven't touched MSTS in 15 years. Sorry, the bench for help in situations like this has grown rather thin.

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        I had the same issue when upgraded to Windows 10, late version, last year. I gave up. I have MSTS, DEMEX, and RouteRiter on a ancient XP machine which I only turn on when I need to use those items. No problem with ORTS or TSRE but if you use TSRE I do advise saviing the route frequently. I have found that TSRE crashes if you are in it a long time without doing a save. I don't know, but I would guess, it runs out of memory. My only issue with TSRE is that creating activities seems way too complex and so I use the Track Viewer, part of ORTS, to check routes for breaks but probably will not be able to test them as well as I would like before release.



          I have MSTS on my Window 11 system. I have it on a slave/auxiliary drive with not problems installing it and the Sim works okay, editors not so good. Have it set to run in XP (service pack 3 ) mode. Also have OR on the same drive and do most of my Simming in that. Also have MSTS on an old XP system where it runs fine ( with all it's hick-ups ). 🤣
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