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Msts fps shutter on win 10

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    Msts fps shutter on win 10

    Ok so before i tell you more here are my specs
    i3 8100
    8gb ram ddr4
    gtx 1050ti

    so being a huge indian rail fan msts was a godsend game for me cuz not only i can drive trains in it but i can download indian trains add-ons from here which i did back in 2016 and played the game all the time…back then i had win 7 64 bit but after sometime some of my files got corrupt and i unfortunately had to reinstall windows so all my data was wiped clean…but this time the guy who repaired my acc added win 10 64 bit into it at first i didnt played msts for like a year cuz i didnt had much time but just some days ago i decided to go back and start playing the game only to find out that i am getting fps shutter issue like the fps are locked at 7 or 10 fps the game opens up normally but as soon as i enter the menu screen the fps shutter starts to happen…i tried to run the game in compatible mode but still the issue persist

    Yesterday i tried open rail and the game opens up and runs smoothly without any fps shutter still open rails doesn't support tile loading which are bigger than 2x2 and most of the routes i use have places where textures are missing…

    i wanna know is there any solution to fps shutter so i can go back to msts and play the game from there….

    There's no fixing MSTS at this point. It can't support the newer video card functions.

    Why isn't ORTS supporting the 4x4 tiles?

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      I left a message to their management team too yesterday…didn’t got a reply currently but i am waiting…i was thinking i searched the internet for the solution and i saw some ppl saying their game ran smoothly even in win 10 now idk if they had 32bit system but some said they tried compatibility mode with win 7 and win xp it worked for them i tried both but it didn’t worked for me…is there any solution like should i update my os or my graphics drivers ?


        Its time to move to OpenRails, the simulator that use msts content.

        And the word is stutter.


          Can't offer any solution, but I have MSTS installed on my Windows 11 64bit system, and it runs without stutter. I run MSTS in Windows XP (service pack3) compatibly mode. Also have no problems with OR with Routes installed.

          Edited 5/15 - Also you should not install in the Programs Files or Programs Files (x86) folders. In my case I have MSTS installed on a aux. hard drive
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