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Can't zoom way out

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    Can't zoom way out

    I've got BIN 1.8.052133 installed, and I find that I can't zoom way out when in the sim.

    Can someone give me some guidance? I tried a search, seems to me I remember reading about this, but I couldn't find anything.


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    Hi Jeff,

    Seems like I've heard somewhere in these fora that if any of the BIN features don't work then it is not installed.

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      That's what I thought at first - it's not installed. I tried running the installer, which told me BIN was already installed, and closed itself out.

      Hence the post... but this morning after reading your post I tried again, and sure enough, BIN was not installed - ran the installer again, and this time it went through its process, and now I have it installed, and I can zoom way out.

      Good advice; if something doesn't work, it may not be installed/turned on.

      Thanks; the byline in my signature applies to me as well. :-)

      Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently-talented fool.