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Reverting track monitor to original appearance & function

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    Reverting track monitor to original appearance & function


    Is there any possibility that modifying the track monitor be an option in the installer
    i.e. that we could get a track monitor without all the colours and without the decimal point (added precision)?

    If not, I would be happy to know the offsets and modify them back myself.
    I tried comparing the binaries (1.4 vs Bin1.8) but it seems to have been more modifications than I expected.

    Thank you for making MSTS better!

    I noticed that replacing the Bin1.8 with 1.4 (while not uninstalling Bin1.8) get rid of the decimal points, which kind of makes me happy because the task of getting rid of the eye-popping colours... or even better, if you can tell me the file I can just replace the "speed limit" with kind of a lighter blue (C64 blue) while leaving the others as Kuju made them ~ so the eye knows where to go, which indeed was a bit of an issue with the original low contrast colours.


      I managed to fix the colors, they are stored as sets of RGB values in the relevant places inside monitor.dat
      MSTS Bin backs up the original with the name monitor.0001
      Now if we could only fix that useless and annoying decimal point...