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Windows 11

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    Windows 11

    New Dell 8950 of course comes with Win 11.. I have installed the original MSTS which runs fine in C\Train Simulator. Now wanting to install Bin. When the bin installer opens it defaults to the old Program files folder. I change the path to C:\Train Simulator. Moving on in the Bin installer it says no Train exe file in the Trani Simulator folder, and none shows. What does display are the folders in the Train Simulator folder but only the folders. The train.exe file is not in a different folder. It is right there in the Train Simulator folder as it should be. Bin install does not display it.

    In looking in the Train Simulator folder with explorer all the files are in there and the sim runs fine.

    I am trying to set up the basic original Simulator and then install Open Rails.

    Any ideas or help appreciated. I just simply want to install BIN into Train Simulator!
    Dave Kolbenschlag

    If you're going to be using OpenRails why bother with getting MSTS to work.
    All you really need is the file structure and default content.



      Dave, did you by chance copy or move the folders after using the installer?

      You might need to change the registry entries if you used the installer, or create the entries if you just did a copy and paste from an archive or backup.

      The registry entries are in this tutorial towards the bottom:
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