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Sticky couplers and slippery forum links

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    Sticky couplers and slippery forum links

    Got another request here, new forum trashed all the old links, so attachments get 404 errors. Here's the default hack to unstick the couplers again.

    Download the attachment, extract to

    \Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET folder, yes to overwrites. Then open windows explorer, go to

    \Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET\DEFAULT, double click on hack1022.bat. That don't work for you, try hackotto.bat. Don't like either, doubleclick on restore.bat to get the original KUJU default.wag back.

    Those unfamiliar with this, the default.wag gets consulted along with the physics in the eng and wag files, globally effects all trains.

    This improves front coupler operations without BIN, helps with the sticking couplers that won't uncouple with BIN. Otto's hack probably works better for perfectly tweaked engines and cars, mine has a fudge factor for rolling stock that has bounding boxes slightly out of kilter.
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    Hello stranger, are you confused and looking at the wrong sim today? :-) ;-)

    Nice to see you might still be looking at MSTS once in a while.



      MSTS couplers

      Just recently installed MSTS Bin 1.705 This changed the color of the eng. to blue In the train operations window causing diffculties unhooking from lead
      car in train. This is on the rear coupler.
      When there is 2 or more engines the rear eng. in the operations window is
      black and there is no problem. I'm pretty new at computers was wondering
      if your answer would solve this problem.
      Thanks in advance for any help or advice in solving this problem Ron


        Did you download and install the zip file and follow the instructions found in the first post of this thread? If not, do that then see if you still have the same problem. If so, then repost here as you may need yet another default.wag file.


          Rear Couplers

          Hi Dave:

          I downloaded and installed zip file,used hack otto .bat to click on.

          Everything seems to be working OK now.
          Thanks Dave for your help with this problem. Ron