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Amtrak AmThon Episode 7: Return To North Carolina (Piedmont Cars Upgrade)

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    Amtrak AmThon Episode 7: Return To North Carolina (Piedmont Cars Upgrade)

    It's been so long everybody, but I'm back. Redefined will now go under the name: "AmThon (Amtrak Marathon)", and all future repaints will under my new branding: VLW (Vortex Locomotive Works). This is the first out of VLW: The North Carolina cars upgraded. Compared to the Piedmont cars in the F/L now, no detail has been left behind, or redone to look more like their real counterparts inside and out.

    With the help of Geatan of BLW, he made this set possible. Where did he help? The new combine car and its interior. It's a custom matchup of .s files from two separate products. He made them, I just positioned them where I wanted them in sfm.

    I'll be back with a full features list later this week. For now, check out the new combine car.

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    As previously mentioned, no detail is left behind inside & out to make them look like their real counterparts. Because the new Piedmont cars feature new shapes instead of just updated ace files, this will be classified as a remaster of the Piedmont cars currently in the F/L. I did too much for this to be a simple update.

    Features list:
    • Completely remade paints using original BLW tetures
    • Interiors "modernized;" redone the seats and floor
    • North Carolina State Seal in new 64 seat coach shape
    • Custom combine car and interor (made with help from Geatan of BLW)


      Nice work!!

      Chicago Railroading Fan


        Darn right that's nice work! Those interiors are spectacular.
        Larry Steiner
        Grand Rapids, MI
        (CSX Country)


          Sorry for the delay guys. Life happened. However, we're not too far now from these being uploaded. More images to keep y'all company.