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Need some rolling stock

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    Need some rolling stock


    I hope to soon release a revised Knoxville Division route which will include all routes of the original, now
    in the library plus extending the L&N line to Etowah, TN & adding some SR lines as they were in the
    1960s-70s. The problem is that all of the available Southern, not Norfolk Southern, locomotives in the
    library require owning some item of payware. I wonder if someone could create some Southern Railway
    SD-35s that are complete, or at least do not require payware.
    Secondly, the route will include the path of the ARCO unit train which ran from 1967 to about 1992 from
    a loading loop near Morley, TN to a power plant in Georgia. This would also require the SD-35 units
    and also a RMU control car would be nice. These were products of Berwick Forge & Fabricating, built in
    1967 and are basically a box on trucks similar to those used on old military cars converted to baggage
    cars for use on passenger trains. Color is Boxcar Red with white lettering and white roof. The coal cars
    are your common rotary dump cars, not sure of the manufacturer but the rotary end is red in color,
    otherwise they are black. These were owned by Georgia Power.

    The image shows the fake ARCO train with the remote units on the Clinch River Bridge at Clinton,


    J. H. Sullivan, P.E. (retired)
    aka landnrailroader

    Do you have a photo to reference the model and paint of the dump cars? I could probably do some if there is a suitable model available.


      for the SD35's


        Originally posted by Lonewolf2777 View Post
        Unfortunately that's Jan Henning Gettkant's SD40 from his CSX EMD Diesel Set masquerading in CNJ paint as a SD35.