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Ace to TGA loses transparency

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    Originally posted by Literalman View Post
    Chimbica, at the time you posted, I was still struggling. The repaint of the main part of the tram had not come via TGAtool2, and I couldn't get the transparency back in the TGA I had been finished. Maybe I could have learned the process in Gimp, but instead I opened an ace with TGAtool2 and started over on the repaint. I was able to copy and paste the flag logo, so that saved some effort. This time the transparency was preserved. An image is attached. It's a repaint of Tim Blythman's Melbourne, Australia, B2 tram.

    What it's about: in November, one evening I was in a taxi in a traffic jam in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, the Philippines (my wife is from Mindanao). The roads were jammed with vehicles and people, there were hardly any traffic lights, and I was thinking that Cagayan de Oro could use an elevated light rail line. There's hardly any room to build at ground level, and not only is tunneling expensive, but Cagayan de Oro is right on the coast and downtown is barely above sea level. So even though an elevated line might not be popular elsewhere, it might work there. So I decided to try to make a train simulation of an elevated light railway. I thought Oro might be a good name for the system (my wife agrees). It means gold; Cagayan de Oro is the river of gold. So in the repaint I used colors from the flag of the Philippines and elements of it (the white, red, and blue). I needed a tram that could take tight corners and with explicit repaint permission, so I chose Tim's.

    I've also downloaded digital elevation and mapping data and applied it with Demex, and I've collected latitude and longitude for places that are likely spots for stations. I plan to design some standard stations and make models of the prominent, distinctive buildings in Sketchup. When I've finished the route, I plan to make a video showing the Oro light rail system as an idea. All this will take a while …

    So I understand that you have solved your problem.
    The car in the image, is it with the wheels hidden like that??
    Chimbica Dash8


      Wheels covered??

      Yes. A photo of the actual tram provided by Tim Blythman shows that the car has a kind of shroud that covers almost all of the trucks. By the way, I'm subscribed to this thread. I don't know why I'm not getting notifications when someone adds a comment.
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