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Looking for help with a CNW Crandall Cab freight animation...

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    Looking for help with a CNW Crandall Cab freight animation...

    For those who've never seen these beasts, my beloved Cheap & Nothing Wasted managed to find a way to slap a cab on some E9B's during the early 70's instead of buying up new power. Functional, yes, but they were all scrapped by the early 80's.


    I've taken this about as far as I have patience for... Using Dick Cowen's excellent E8 Kit, I was able to kitbash his A unit with a freight animation I'd done in Sketchup... Due to some layering on the B-units, I had to revert to using the A-unit and alpha'd out the nose & windshield, which worked somewhat better than I expected.

    From a distance, it's quite tolerable, but the closer up you get, the alpha sorting gets goofy and the underlying shapefile start bleeding thru...

    That's just part of the problem, but I also need to add in all the other details that are part of the default animation, including the horns, roof details, etc...

    If someone has worked with Dick's model before, and has some idea, I'm up for suggestions...
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    I'd move it forward more to hide the original windshield, that would get it closer to the true shape anyway.



      They were monstrously ugly. Crews hated them as well. Somewhere in my slides I have one of those things heading east to the paint shops. It had the cab and was still in UP paint with the red lettering removed.


        Yep, been trying to eyeball the measurements, and haven't yet found a good source for actual measurements or a good side-on shot that I could measure against... Most of the shots I've seen are from at-an-angle-looking-up perspective...

        Ugly they may be, they're one of my favorites, and are the subject of one of the few photos I still have from my old Kodak [redacted] that I used sparingly when I was in [redacted] grade..... we actually had to pay for our photos back then...


          Can't find any drawings, but here's a side view shot:

          Funny part is that wasn't the worst act of vandalism committed by the C&NW, they took some 1920s era gas-electric railcars, sawed off the front end, and rebuilt them as diesel-electrics;

          I don't even know what they called those abortions, this is the only pic I've ever seen of one, but apparently they did make several.
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            I liked the ugly things too. Kinda like liking an ugly dog. Different from the everyday motors you would see. The Doodlebugs were favorite victims of experiments. The CGW had a number that they hacked up and wound up using them as light duty branch line switchers. These are the things that make cool models.


              That gas-electric hack job I think is hideous but the Crandall Cabs I think are pretty cool looking. Why did the crews hate them? No room for sound proofing thus making them extra noisy? That's about the only thing I can think of.. Also I think the Rock's B units with a cab were pretty cool.. Made it look like a diesel boxcab...
              Don't tell me the sky's the limit, when there's footsteps on the moon..



                Crandall cabs, yikes - run for the hills!
                After being graced with the beautiful E & F leaders, even as a youngster, it was all I could do to not vomit.

                Chicago Railroading Fan


                  From what I've read, the Crandalls weren't exactly comfortable -- plexiglass side windows, the cab wasn't as well insulated from sound, heat, cold, and they had relatively poor visibility.

                  Other than that, they probably rode just like a regular E-8.

                  I've thought about doing a Rock Island B-cab... it would be a lot less work, for certain.

                  Thanks for the links above -- I think I got the proportions a little cleaner now, and the bleed-thru is hidden much better...

                  x3QBdNUZ.jpg lIzPwZ0Z.jpg z9OJY6M7.jpg
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                    What a nasty piece of history to model! You have a different taste in what is cool but I can appriciate it!
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                      (Yes, I know hardly anyone from this original thread is still around.... but it goes to show that not all projects happen quickly)

                      It took eleven years, but it's finally happening, not as a freight animation on a 15 year old model, but on a fairly high detail version that Brandon Smith had lying around that is now a Blender project.



                      It's up there with the Pooch as the ugliest locomotive around, but also something that I grew up with.

                      Texturing has a long way to go, but this is officially my first locomotive model...
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                        Kitbash.... 😁


                          Hi Eric,

                          Looks good - well - for being other than a real E unit. It's the AMC Pacer of locomotives.

                          If you don't have it and haven't seen one of my previous suggestions - download TexTools from Github - it will help you MASSIVELY on your Baking, Mapping, and Texturing tasks. I can't believe it's free.

                          Still only Blender 3.6 as far as I'm aware.


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                            I heard even the crews hated that locomotive, especially in the winter.
                            Don't tell me the sky's the limit, when there's footsteps on the moon..