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1024x1024 textures in TSM? help!

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    1024x1024 textures in TSM? help!

    Could anyone please let me know how to create shapes in TSM using 1024x1024 files for textures, currently I notice that I can use only 512x512 size?

    Is this possible??


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    I'm pretty sure that TSM will load 1024x1024 textures, but it will display them as if they were 512x512 in TSM. My most recent TSM models (GP38-2, SW14) were textured by 1024 bmp images converted from the 2048 ace files.

    When you open the texture window in TSM, the texture map will be in 512x512 format even if the bmp is 1024x1024. You have to texture the model as if it was a 512 image but the 1024x1024 resolution will fit the finished model after texturing. I'm not sure if it works in all cases, but I've been able to bump up the resolution to 2048x2048 on some existing models to improve detail.



      Here's what I do when using larger textures. First, make the master textures in 1024 or 2048. Then I create a scaled down 512 sized image and use that for the texture mapping. I separately create the ACE from the 1024 or 2048, rather than let TSM do it from the mapped 512 texture. Since TSM/Shape file uses a coordinate system for mapping textures, the larger textures will map identically. Please remember to leave more 'room' between adjacent colors as you have 1/2 the resolution for mapping purposes.
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