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Sudden change in engine sounds in OR but not MSTS?

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    Sudden change in engine sounds in OR but not MSTS?

    Hi guys,

    I wasn't sure where to post this problem, here or in the OR section...I've noticed a strange occurrence in my loco sounds in OR. When throttling up from idle to notch 3, my engine sounds stay the same, maybe a little louder at notch 3, but going from 3 to 4, the sounds go to wide open, perhaps notch 7 or 8! There is no smooth transition through the range of acceleration sounds. This occurs in several sound sets made by different authors, Ron Furto, Anthony Wood, etc. Even my 3DTrains sounds are totally absent from in-cab to outside the cab!! When using these engines in MSTS, there is no problem with any of them, everything sounds great as it should!! I have made no changes to my Trainset folder or my Common.Snd folder. Has anyone experienced this....?? Thanx for any response...Doug

    If you problem is in OR and the sounds are fine in MSTS, why wouldn't you post your question in the OR section?

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      Well Dave, these are Msts sound files being run in OR. You are automatically assuming the problem lies with OR, and as many folks know, some of MSTS sound files are a mess...(just ask Erick Cantu)...they also have MSTS specific values, that OR does not use. So the problem ( if any, it could also be operator be fair and include all possible causes) may be within either sim. Just sorta stating the obvious here.

      But just as obviously, neither one of us is helpfully addressing the OPs dilemma. You are playing arbitrator of posting and I'm playing critic of the arbitrator. Hopefully someone who knows something about sound files ( definitely NOT me) will see the post.

      However, after all my blather, posting also in the OR section would be good advice.
      Regards, Gerry
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      Cheers, Gerry
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