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EMD 16-265H Sound Set final fix

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    EMD 16-265H Sound Set final fix

    Hello everyone! Good night from Argentina! I was talking to those who had bugs in my EMD 265H sound set. There were too many bugs in the set, but today I took all the time to fix the .sms files, and test them in-game. I kept my promise, in a while I'll upload them! but I'm trying to contact one of the librarians to remove the files I uploaded, the same ones from the EMD 265H set. This is how I upload the final version.

    Hey, I really like the soundset, very good quality. Great job i must say.

    I writing this to inform you of a issue with the bell. Bell sound was not playing in both outside and inside.
    I went to check sms entries, found out the Volume entry on the bellfile was set to 0. So i changed it to 1 and all is working well.

    Other that that did not found any other issue. Running in Open Rails.

    Thank you for this set, i really like it