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SG 5, SG 3 - why bother?

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    SG 5, SG 3 - why bother?

    What's the difference between SG 5 and SG 3?
    There is no clear explanation in .sms documentation.

    If I remove some portions in SG 3 section sound still works. Do I really need it?

    RE: SG 5, SG 3 - why bother?

    SG stands for scalability group. SG5, SG3, and SG1 refer to the position you have your QUANTITY OF SOUNDS slider set at in the sound options within MSTS. If you have your slider all the way up, SG5 is used. If it's set at medium, SG3 is used. And you guess it, if the slider is at it's lowest setting, SG1 is used. SG0 in the sms files are reserved for AI use, but isn't used by many audio guys out there. I put most of my energy into SG5 when designing the audio I put into products, but I also keep in mind that some people may have their sliders set at lower settings and I add the necessities to SG3, and very little to SG1 (usually just the prime mover audio, a horn, and maybe some brake sounds). Hope this helps.
    Dan Zollner - 3DTrains