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Unable to Surfliner 2.3

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    Unable to Surfliner 2.3

    Hi Folks-

    I have run into some error codes I have never seen in all my years with MSTS.

    In open rails, all of the Surfliner activities in the OR interface say <not same route EK Amtrak 784 part 1>

    If I try run with MSTS- I get a slew of errors:

    Unknown volume curve type, Unknown variable trigger, and "Number of wave files 17 is greater that maximum 16(probably self explanatory). As I say, Ive never seen any of these. Any help determining how to deal with them would be greatly appreciated.


    Originally posted by harlank View Post

    In open rails, all of the Surfliner activities in the OR interface say <not same route EK Amtrak 784 part 1>
    Act file RouteID line must match Trk file RouteID line for activity to load. See screenshot.

    People will ask to see your OR log text file >>> default location is desktop .... zip it up and attach to post. That will help them troubleshoot your problems. Some are not fatal, merely warnings of sound files missing or defective.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bandicam 2022-11-15 10-03-36-420.jpg
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    Cheers, Gerry
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      Hi harlank,
      If you are running the activities from the download, they are designed for Surfliner2 The reason Open Rails rejects them is because you have installed Surfliner2.3 route. The problem is that the route's .trk file specifies Route ID ( Surfliner2-3 ) while the activities have RouteID ( Surfliner2 ).

      It's possible to modify the RouteID entry in each activity to read Surfliner2-3 but I'm not qualified to say they would then work correctly.

      Incidentally, in the activities from, the RouteID is shown as Surfliner2-2 even though the readme indicates that they are for v2.3 of the route. When running in Open Rails, similar "not same route" errors will be reported.



        Thanks, guys for the hints



          Is surfliner 2.3 new?
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            G'day All, surfliner 2.3 is here:-

            MSTS Route--Surfliner v2.3 Update
            [ Download | View ]

            Size: 297,005,544 Date: 01-18-2019 Downloads: 1,649

            MSTS Route--Surfliner v2.3 Update. Requires Surfliner Route v2.2. This update further modifies scenery throughout the Surfliner route to add additional details and local landmarks. Route by Jeff Farquhar and Paul Peterson. Version 2.3 update by Brian Smolke.

            Have a nice day, regards.