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CN/Conrail/NS Detroit to Toledo

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    The Eureka Road Viaducts in Wyandotte have finally been set up. Five viaducts were built in 1927 as part of a larger project to widen Eureka to a 120-foot width, for an unconceived eventual widening to 204 feet, including a rapid transit subway line in it's median. The westernmost viaduct was built to carry the Detroit, Monroe & Toledo Short Line interurban railroad, which was shut down in 1932, long before this route's timeframe, and converted into a pedestrian bridge to connect residential blocks on either side of Eureka:


      That looks very nice. Route building "technology" and abilities seemed to have advanced quite a bit. One thing in so many routes of the past were viaducts/overpasses that were too ridiculously high over roads and trackways. Your pic above looks very natural.
      Good luck with your progress!

      Chicago Railroading Fan


        This morning, I completed all of the trackage within the BASF plant in Wyandotte, and it should be a fun switching challenge. For extra realism, I whipped this SW9 repaint up in about 10 minutes:

        Two numbers were done, which are 8922 (pictured) and 8971, the same numbers used for Railserve's actual SW9s that are assigned to BASF Wyandotte. These are used only for in-plant switching, any moves out of the plant are done with a tri-weekly Conrail local that runs out of River Rouge Yard, termed "Trenton 3".

        Look for these in the next public alpha upload, and maybe by themselves in the file library as well.


          Start off the new year with a new Detroit-Toledo Route Alpha!

          Changes since 12/20/2019 release:
          -Railserve SW9s 8922 and 8971 are included
          -Additional roads and scenery added in Detroit
          -A few new siding tracks have been put in
          -Signals have started going up!
          -Deleted all but one activity
          -New winter 2020 timetable file


            Just found out about this rout in progress.... I must say looks very interesting. I would like to do a gameplay video on this route, when completed ofc.
            One thing i would like to point out, was looking at trakviewer and ist seems that Detroit is on south side and Toledo on north. By looking at the map, it should be reversed. Detroit is north.

            I am looking forward to play this one.


              Originally posted by gammaray84 View Post
              One thing i would like to point out, was looking at trakviewer and ist seems that Detroit is on south side and Toledo on north. By looking at the map, it should be reversed. Detroit is north.
              You were looking at it wrong. I have placed Detroit indeed to the north.


                CN/Conrail/NS/CSX Metro Detroit to Toledo

                I've been wanting to do this for a while now, but it is now truly happening.

                Tiles have been generated, not only for an extension of this route north to Utica along the Sterling Secondary and Utica Industrial, but I am also now adding CSX's route between Detroit and Toledo, for now just via the Lincoln Secondary and Toledo Terminal Subdivision so as to allow one to run Q131/Q132 between Detroit and Toledo.

                I am also planning on adding in some of the CN Dearborn Sub, extending the CN Flat Rock Sub to Carleton and adding in at least part of NS' Oakwood Yard.

                No ETA on when track laying will begin at this moment.


                  New Detroit-Toledo Route Alpha!

                  Changes since 01/03/2020 release:
                  -All main tracks for this route have been signaled!
                  -Added Monroe industry spurs
                  -Touched up Delray a bit


                    Flat Rock Yard has been completely rebuilt, and the CN Flat Rock Subdivision has been extended to just past MP 25 near Carleton.

                    Additionally, as seen below, I have started building the CN Dearborn Subdivision, and as of right now it extends to MP 7.7, which is the big north-to-northeast curve that lies between Goddard Road and Pelham Road in Taylor, more than 1 1/2 mile north of the Penford diamond, where the Conrail Lincoln Secondary crosses. It's a little over three miles north from where I've stopped for now to Oakwood Junction, which has a connection to the NS Detroit District for access to Oakwood Yard.

                    To be done later are Henry Ford's concrete catenary arches, which still line a good portion of the Dearborn Sub 90 years after electrification was discontinued - yes, those arches were built that good.


                      Scenery work has resumed along the Detroit Line/Shoreline Subdivision right-of-way, from the Conrail Bridge in River Rouge southward. Trees are done from the Bridge south to the Visger Road crossing on the south end of River Rouge Yard, and most buildings have already been put in between Visger Road and CP Mill.

                      Visger Road cuts across this scene. The leftmost track is an unused, dead-end track that once served the now-demolished Dearoad Yard (which was closed by GTW), followed by the two tracks of the Shoreline Sub, Detroit Line track 1, then Detroit Line track 2, and finally, two siding tracks leading south out of River Rouge Yard, visible in the background.
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                        Water is now being added to the route. Here's the Ecorse River along the border of Ecorse and Wyandotte.


                          I am looking forward to the next update! You are doing a great job with this route.

                          So far so good! Thank you for this route.


                            Looking great! Keep up the fantastic work!



                              New Detroit-Toledo Route Alpha!

                              Changes since 01/23/2020 release:
                              -Added the Conrail Lincoln Secondary and the CSX Toledo Terminal Subdivision between CP Ecorse and CP Alexis, though mainly only the mainline tracks have been added
                              -Extended the CN Flat Rock Sub to Carleton for AI traffic purposes
                              -Added the CN Dearborn Sub between D&I Junction and Penford for AI traffic purposes
                              -The cities of Ecorse and River Rouge now have scenery
                              -Road traffic is in place on certain roads in the Detroit area
                              -More realistic railroad crossing signal trigger times in the same general area as above
                              -Realistic timetable based off of almost-prototypical pre-COVID freight schedules


                                Just a note to say what a fantastic job you are doing on this route! The River Rouge Area looks great.

                                Keep up the good work, do it at your own pace though, it is coming along nicely.