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South American routes?

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    South American routes?


    I received 2 routes last week from Diter Oliveira (hope I spelled it right) which are excellent
    renderings of a MRS Logistica route and a mostly abandoned old narrow gauge route. The
    latter is beyond belief really. Diter did not "paint" the ballast, or use transfers on the MRS
    route which appears to have been created around 2010, but it is otherwise excellent, and
    now he is working on a new one. The MRS route also includes a part of Ferrovia do Aco
    which is the newer line (1980s) for loaded ore trains from a large facility at Coronel Guides
    to a ore pit near Itabarito (near Belo Horizonte). I suspect this latter line may be older
    than the rest of FDA. FDA extends some 300km south to a junction near Barra Mansa and
    then over older lines for another 150km (approx.) to a Ore Transload to ships. Around
    Belo Horizonte there are many ore pits and the area is also served by other lines.

    I was planning to do this route, and would like to copy this latter part, but there is a large
    coordinate shift in location.

    So my urging. Although MRS equipment is in the T-S library, none of the routes are, so
    I would urge our friends in South America to share their routes because the sample I have
    seen is really good. I suppose they are available on similar web sites in S.A. but my own
    Portuguese is "zip" so I would have a problem finding things.

    J. H. Sullivan

    good morning my friend ! the route is already ready Download link is in the video description


      Thanks Virtual trens. I just saw this message a little while ago and I have downloaded the route. I would suggest that you provide the download information in the form of a entry into the files list if you are ready to release it to the group. I had no difficulty downloading it, although it took 2 hours on a fairly fast cable system and installation was easy too. I ran the first activity I came to which indicated a start point of Bom Jardine de Minas which if I remember right is the top of a helper district that starts at the mines near Belo Horizonte. I need to look at this in the editor to see how far it goes. With your permission I can create the formal description and then add the link to the library. Eric allows the use of external links which would mean that we would not have to reload it on the T-S website. Again thanks. My interest in this started 15 years or so ago when the company I worked for (after retiring from CSX) got a contract to replace all of the signals on this line and I think they went on to other routes as well. Also if I remember right, this would be the loaded train route, whereas the empties take route to the east.

      Jerry Sullivan (landnrailroader)