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TP&W Toledo Peoria And Western Rte

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    TP&W Toledo Peoria And Western Rte

    this Route is Under Construction Problems i do not have Scenery. and i can not get any map titles to load in i have a mkr file in there and i cant get nothing to work....

    i got big plans for this route please Help me to Get this done and Get the Scenery And Auto Placeing down the track




    I started in TSRE by building a 9 tile route with the printed Manual by my side. You absolutely need this.

    It's a pretty steep learning curve. Took me a year to learn this great editor.
    Very powerful tool so daily backups of your project are a must.

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      yea i agree but i don't have the Manual can you get that for me?

      got to rebuild the mkr file though


        Found a TSRE manual that should help you out:

        There are a ton of tutorials and tips for the route editor on the forums, Youtube, etc. Just be patient as you learn to use TSRE and build this route you are working on. The more you work with this tool, the better you'll get.
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