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GN Hi Line

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MSTS GN Hi-Line Route v3 (Marias Pass 4)

File date: 2007-03-16 23:00:00
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    Originally posted by eric View Post
    do make sure you have a copy of your Global\Shapes just in case you hate it
    Yep, did that today, later in the week will attempt the replacements procedures, gotta get familiar with it. Thanks.
    Cheers, Gerry
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      I actually have had a from-scratch version of the route over Marias pass that I've been working on, based on 1993-era BN track charts. Track is very nearly done, with only a couple yard areas and the city of Kalispell left to be built. I'll probably put roads in and maybe interactives and release it as an incomplete route when I've finished with it


        Whatever you do, don't go to Win-11 as it is so messed up that it takes a special Mobo with more chips just to run it. I have a late release of Win-10 that is a pain in a sensitive area but after a fashion it works. I keep an old PC with Win-XP on it to handle the really messed up stuff. That machine is not connected to the internet or even my own WiFi so I use flash drives to pass data back and forth. Slow of course but it works. Loaded a version of PaintShop that is supposed to be okay on Win-11 but it wasn't. However, a second attempt was successful so the issue was most likely a DVD reader that missed a bit or two.

        Jerry Sullivan