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PRR-Eastern-Region-v2 Has been Released

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    PRR-Eastern-Region-v2 Has been Released

    Name of Route:PRR-Eastern-Region-v2

    Version and Release Date: Version 2.0 11April2019

    Description: This route is a semi-prototypical version of the Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern Division
    and covers all the trackage in the NEC, the Middle Division, the Philadelphia Division,
    the Philadelphia Terminal Division, the New York Division, and the Port Road Branch

    Installation Method: ClickTeam Installer

    Size of Download: 1.3GB

    Size of Installed Route: 2.5GB

    Prototypical or Freelance Operations; Mainline, Branch, Switching: ALL

    Freight or Passenger: BOTH

    Era or Genre: 1950-1959

    Location: Eastern United States of America. New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC

    Length of Mainline: 1000 (est.)

    Length of Branches: 200 (est.)

    Number of Branches: 10 (est.)

    Number of Sidings: 1000 (est.)

    Number of Yards: 100 (est.)

    Mixture of Dual and Single Track: Yes

    Level of Trackside Detail: Very High

    Percentage of Scenery Completed: %99.5

    FPS Specs, with qualifiers: Open Rails: 60fps. MSTS 3-6 fps.

    Activities Provided: 16 (including test)

    Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: Mini-Route-Included

    Add-In Track Sets: Mini-Route-Included

    Xtracks Required?, Version: Mini-Route-Included

    Newroads Required?, Version: Mini-Route-Included

    Tsection.dat Build: 40

    Payware or Freeware: Free. Custom objects restricted use.

    URL for More Information and Screenshots:

    Known Problems: Route_Riter calls out a derail trackshape being used as Static object.

    Where it can be downloaded: file library as

    Extra information: The ClickTeam Installer takes 10 minutes to initialize. Be patient!

    Designer's e-mail for more info: Post forum message or send me a PM. Bug reports must have the OpenRailsLog.txt file attached.
    ............Vince ..............
    ...... Author NECv4 .......
    .... LIRR BUILD PHOTOS ....
    ...... Eschew Obsfucation ......

    On the The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor there is a Tablet. On it is written:
    "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"