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Specifications for KD Subdivision route, expect upload in a few days

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    Specifications for KD Subdivision route, expect upload in a few days

    Name of Route: KD Subdivision (kdsubdivision)

    Version and Release Date: Version 1, Late December 2020

    Description: The former L&N line from Corbin, KY to Knoxville, TN, including
    a small portion of the Southern Rwy. (NS) Jellico line. Originally
    The L&N used the Southern from Jellico to Knoxville and the short
    spur at Saxton is what is left of the original line from Saxton to
    Jellico. In 1905, the L&N built their own line from Saxton to
    Knoxville but kept the Saxton to Jellico line for some years and
    also built a Jellico-Lot line which exists and will be completed
    in a future version. From 11/67 to sometime in the early 1990's
    Southern, later NS used this line for operation of a unit train
    from Arco mine to Jellico to Knoxville to Milledgeville, GA.
    This line to Arco will also be in a future version.

    Installation Method: Single Zip File enclosed in zip "wrapper".

    Size of Download: 306Mbt plus perhaps a few more Mbt to accomodate the .dlz
    file, M-tracks, & instructions.

    Size of Installed Route: 847Mbt.

    Prototypical: Mainline, Branch, Switching: All types of activities can be done.

    Freight or Passenger: Both, although no passenger trains on the line since

    Era or Genre: 1969 to 2020, although some branches are included that were
    abandoned by 1950.

    Location: Corbin, KY to Knoxville, TN

    Length of Mainline: 102 miles, L&N (CSX)
    SR (NS) Jellico line 7 miles

    Length of Branches: Existing Branch - 17 miles, Savoy, KY to Gatliff, KY
    Abandoned Crooked Fork Spur - 2 miles
    Abandoned Hog Camp Branch - 3.5 miles
    Abandoned White Oak Branch - 1 mile or so

    Number of Branches: 4

    Number of Sidings: 9: Wofford, Savoy, Saxton, Chaska-Habersham, Kilsyth,
    Jacksboro, Granite, Clinch River-Edgemoor, Amherst

    Number of Yards: 2, 1 large yard at Corbin, Knoxville is small

    Mixture of Dual and Single Track: 4 miles of dual track south from Corbin,
    remainder is single track.

    Level of Trackside Detail: Moderate

    Percentage of Scenery Completed: 70%

    FPS Specs, with qualifiers: 16 FPS running very fast, ATI RADEON HD5500 Series
    Quad processors, Intel(R) i3-4160 at 3.6GHZ, 8G

    Activities Provided: None

    Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: N/A

    Add-In Track Sets: X-tracks, M-tracks

    Xtracks Required?, Yes, Version: 3.2

    M-Tracks Required, Yes, (only one version was ever done)

    Newroads Required?, Yes, Version:

    Tsection.dat Build: 38 (44 should also work)

    Freeware: Freeware, note partial list of added objects & authors

    URL for More Information and Screenshots: N/A

    Known Problems:

    Where it can be downloaded: Train Sim Library

    Extra information: Any version of the Tsection.dat file will work except that
    exit signals may trigger "ignored red light messages" unless
    build 38 or (I am told) 44 are used. I have included build
    38 in the documentation folder. There is one active coal
    loadout at Gatliff, KY otherwise this is essentially a bridge
    route. Version 2 & possible 3 are planned which will add the
    SR (NS) lines in the area, more coal mines, and extend the
    L&N (CSX) mainline to Etowah, TN. In the real world the KD
    Subdivision (formerly L&N Division) extended from Corbin, KY to
    Etowah, TN. Historic Data provided above.

    Final Designer's e-mail for more info:
    The route was digitized from UsaPhotomaps and Google Earth by J. H. Sullivan at the
    request of Dudley Evans who then created the route and asked Sullivan to edit and
    clean it up.

    J. H. Sullivan
    (aka landnrailroader)