Name of Route: Podlasie

Version and Release Date: TBA

Description: "Podlasie" is a MSTS/OR route project that aims at re-creating the 1995-2007 period on the railway routes number 31 and 34 of the Polish state railroad company PKP, located in the eastern part of the country. The route no. 31 is a mostly two-track, 150 kilometres-long mainline from the city of Siedlce to the Siemianówka border crosssing on its northeastern end, and it serves as the main part of the project. Currently the tracks are laid between Siedlce and Czeremcha (90 km) and the scenery is under development in the areas between the major stations on the route. The route no. 34 is a former single-track mainline from Ostrołęka to Siedlce, with the Małkinia-Sokołów Podlaski stretch being abandoned since 1996 and completely dismantled in 2008, hence the portion currently recreated in the sim is only a 30 kilometre-long remnant from Sokołów Podlaski to Siedlce with freight traffic only.

Installation Method: Simple Manual (7-zip spanned archive)

Size of Download: TBA (projected ~1.5 GB)

Size of Installed Route: TBA (projected ~2 GB)

Prototypical Operations; Mainline, Branch, Switching: All three of these.

Freight or Passenger: Both.

Era: 1995-2007, or Era V as per MOROP guidelines.

Location: Eastern Poland - east part of Mazowieckie Voievodship and south part of Podlaskie Voievodship.

Length of Mainline: route no. 31, 90 km from Siedlce to Czeremcha, planned 150 km of the whole route no. 31 from Siedlce to PL/BY border crossing at Siemianówka. And route no. 34, 30 km from Siedlce to Sokołów Podlaski, planned extension to Małkinia via Treblinka (yes, that Treblinka) in the later future.

Length of Branches: so far it's zero.

Number of Branches: so far none, Hajnówka-Białoowieża branch line no. 32 is in the plans, as well as various branch lines (regular and broad gauge alike) to freight terminals around the Siemianówka yard on PL/BY border.

Number of Sidings: A lot! That's certain.

Number of Yards: Siedlce, Czeremcha and Sokołów Podlaski so far. Hajnówka and Siemianówka yards are in the further plans.

Mixture of Dual and Single Track: 90 km of dual track from Siedlce to Czeremcha, the planned section to the PL/BY border is 60 km of single track. Also 30 km of single track from Siedlce to Sokołów Podlaski.

Level of Trackside Detail: High. High density of vegetation and complete trackside signs, all according to the PKP PLK Ie-1 regulations. The catenary in Siedlce and between Siedlce and Mordy is modelled as catenary masts only - I have no idea how to place the wires in a good way. Electric power is not of much significance here anyway.

Percentage of Scenery Completed: ~30%

FPS Specs, with qualifiers: ~30 in the larger stations and yards, 50-60 on the route.

Activities Provided: So far none, but there is going to be a variety of them. Both Polish and English versions will be included. No timetables for ORTS, sorry.

Non-Default Consists or Rolling Stock Required in Activities: Why yes, of course.

Add-In Track Sets: What are those? If it's what I'm thinking, then the route uses YTracks switches, MTracks mainline dual tracks and in the future it will use Feldbahn tracks for Hajnówka 600 mm gauge forest railroad.

Xtracks Required?, Version: 3.20

Newroads Required?, Version: No.

Tsection.dat Build: 3.14 PL, available on

Payware or Freeware: Freeware. Custom objects can be used freely in other routes, just let me know if you do so.

URL for More Information and Screenshots: Screenshots only in the screenshot thread. A website will be set up before uploading the first version.

Known Problems: N/A

Where it can be downloaded: TBA. Possibly a dedicated website, library or a link provided here.

Extra information: Compatible with both MSTS and ORTS, but the route is being built according to MSTS specs. I'm that one weird guy who still uses the legacy software, and I don't really have time and motivation to switch over to ORTS, sorry.

Designer's e-mail for more info: