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Screenshot forum guidelines! (and link to sniper's screen shot posting tutorial!)

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    Screenshot forum guidelines! (and link to sniper's screen shot posting tutorial!)

    Since my original and WAY old screen shot tutorial/guidelines are in the abyss, and Otto's screen shot tutorial seem to lead nowhere, it's time for me to post the new guidelines/screen shot tutorial. so let's starts off with the link to sniper's screen grab/embedding tutorial:

    And now, the guidelines.

    of civility:

    1. NO Bashing/flaming. if you have nothing nice to say about someone's pictures, or pictured item, then say nothing. (Old thread on this subject was here - )

    2. This is not a debate forum. Please keep all instances of Politics, Religion, and controversial subjects out, please.

    3. If you have an item/addon/route/train you know full well you shouldn't have, Then it would be wise to not show a picture of it. (It would be wise not to be pirating in the first place as well) but please. spare us all the drama of piracy in the screenshot forum -- if I am alerted to piracy happening in various images, threads will be nuked or locked accordingly.

    of forum mechanics:

    1. if your using the forum to upload your screen shots, they have to be 97k in size, (That's a hard limit, folks. I don't control it) I recommend also sizing them down to 1024x768 as to maintain a decent quality when compressing them down. Obviously using a 3rd party hosting solution such as imagebucket or whatever negates this.

    And side notes:

    -Though not required, it is helpful to mention what route your pictures are being shot on. there are some real nice routes out there, and inquiring minds want to know!

    (These guidelines might change yet. version 1.2, 2/17/10)
    (Otto's old thread can be found here: )
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    Please do not quotes with pictures in post when commenting on other people shots. It makes the thread way too long. Add something like Reply # to your comments when you reply or if you are going to quote, just delete the picture in your comments. Also, keep your comments to a minimum and not chatroom like conversation.
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      To add to Shawn & Ken's sage advice, those who can't follow the spirit and intent of these simple rules may find themselves facing a one-week penalty application of the brakes...

      All comments and posts without photos are subject to removal at some point in the future, as are posts with invalid links to photo-hosting sites.

      Enjoy and be safe!
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