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Any Railroad, Any Route, Any Era - Part 10

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    Originally posted by danb1
    Why are we hiding the wheels ?
    The last SLI I downloaded was the Feather River set, Flintstones wheels on some.
    Not willing to download more I don't care to use, because of the wheel issues.
    Not convinced the new sets are just repaints of the same old same old shapes.
    Even working fans like other manage to do would be a improvement.
    Yea, because a completely new model is a simple "repaint of the same old same old shapes"

    Originally posted by geepster775
    You need to look again.
    Starting to think, he is just like that other member, that does nothing for the community, and only makes posts complaining about what everyone does. Just another tool on the ignore list.

    His spelling and grammar would be a huge improvement too...

    I'm also calling BS on his FRC equipment having Flintstones wheels. Just took a peek at each locomotive from the package. Every single one, look much like the ones on this SD30C-ECO model.

    Guy is just full of hot air..
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    -Shawn K-
    Derby Rail Shops
    Maine Central Mountain Division: 20% Track, 10% Scenery.


      BN MOW train on the Whietefish 4:

      To be honest, I do not know, how correctly create American MOW trains.
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          Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for years and years :


          Summarized for those with shorter attention spans:

          • If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
          • If you have something you're not supposed to have in the first place, don't post pictures of it
          • Post the name of the route and whose equipment you're showing off -- that eliminates 90% of the comments

          If you still feel the urge to be ultra-critical, feel free to use PM's or post to a site like Facebook where that type of activity is more welcome.

          Those who can't follow the spirit and intent of these three simple rules may find themselves facing a one-week penalty application of the brakes...

          Also, as with all threads in the screen shot forum, comments and posts without photos are subject to removal at some point in the future.

          All has been removed according to guidelines..... Photos and screenshots only..... Been on the rulebook for some time....
          Dave Edwards



            "Photos and screenshots only..... Been on the rulebook for some time...."

            Understood, but I hope the mods will continue to be lenient, allowing people to respond to picture posts commending the nice work either on the pics themselves, or the content in the pics.
            We shouldn't have to feel that we have to rustle up a screenshot, just to reply with complimentary conversation.
            The other stuff, understand completely. I am as guilty as anyone, and will make the effort.

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            Chicago Railroading Fan




                Okay... I'll try playing. However, I may be in the wrong room, wrong place, 'cause it ain't diesel and it ain't modern!

                Route: My own "Frisco Line: Circa 1889".

                What you're looking at: Fayetteville, Arkansas, circa 1889.

                I've been on a "Phase 1" scenic blitz of late on select portions of my Frisco Line mini-mega route.

                "Phase 1" scenery = Basic forestation, place-holding structures at key locations that will eventually be replaced by a custom-built structure, place-holding road pieces to eventually be replaced with painted terrtex, minimal detaling with full detailing to be accomplished at a later time. Bringing select portions of the route up to my "Phase 1" standard will allow me to run activities thereon and receiving a sense of "completeness" of scenery while running the activity.

                Anyway, here's my current version of Fayetteville that now has what I call "Phase 1" scenery in place:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Fayetteville1a.jpg
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                Andre Ming
                V Scale R.I.P



                  I have been watching it develop over at Elvas Tower and it look real good no matter what the year!!!

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                    BB40-Wm VLi, at CAPITÃO EDUARDO place.

                    Brazilian route MRS / VLi / VALE

                    Chimbica Dash8








                          Thanks Chuck.






                              Thanks Guys.



                                Originally posted by pnrailway View Post
                                Thanks Chuck.

                                a derail device? I may need to pull that from the route, for use on other industries. Shame though they aren't set up as switches..
                                -Shawn K-
                                Derby Rail Shops
                                Maine Central Mountain Division: 20% Track, 10% Scenery.