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Podlasie route - WIP screenshots.

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    Podlasie route - WIP screenshots.

    So here's my thread where I will present new screenshots from the upcoming Podlasie project for MSTS/OR. The description is in the Route Specification Forum as per board rules. Some screenshots were taken in Goku's TSRE5 editor, and some in MSTS itself and all come with brief description. This what I've got so far. The pictures you see here are all WIP and thus subject to change, although most of the scenery is quite complete, so expect smaller changes.

    For the beginning, recent developments on the route no. 34 between Siedlce and Sokołów Podlaski, since I can't include a ton of pictures in one message. Screenshots are taken in TSRE5.

    Project map and elevation profiles for route no. 31 and 34 generated in TSMapper.

    Feel free to comment and ask me anything. More screenshots will follow soon.
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    Welp, it's been a while since I posted some updates. The route no. 34 between Sokołów and Siedlce is basically finished, barring some last touches here and there that will be completed prior to release. So I moved on to the route no. 31, which is the main part of the project.

    Stok Lacki - the first train stop on the route (km post 12,770). Much like most stations and stops there the platforms are made of dirt supported by a concrete edge, not really a fancy passenger infrastructure. And speaking of catenary, only masts are placed for the time being. Catenary has always been a pain in MSTS, kudos to the creators of RMD East for tackling this issue masterfully. I'm not sure if I'll be able to place ovehead wires, especially considering only the station/yard in Siedlce and some 15 kilometers of the route were electrified at that time, and the route is focused mostly on diesel power.

    Mordy - the first station on the route (km post 17,900). Now excuse me for that really low-poly depot building, I'll model a new, more detailed one later on, before the release. This is where the wire ended - the electrification was intended as far as Czeremcha, but due to budget cuts after 1990 the plans didn't come to fruition. Up until the closure the station was a place of power change for freight trains, passenger services ran with a diesel right from Siedlce.

    The route between Platerów station (km 43,370) and Sarnaki train stop (km 48,360).

    The bridge over Bug river at Fronołów (km 53,448), one of the landmarks on the route frequented by trainspotters to this day. For the time being I used Ron Picardi's shapes and stone supports from some Czech route, but the prototypical model is in the works, hopefully it will be finished before the route's release.

    The tracks of the Siemiatycze station (km 56,898), as well as a level crossing located right in the middle of it and an old warehouse with a siding, that were demolished around 2007. This is the most recent development in the project, the route furhter north-west is under development right now, I hope I'll reach Czeremcha this year.
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      Hey this looks great! Really nice job on the textures, trackside objects, trees, etc..!


        Thanks for the kind words. I'm also personally satisfied with texturing (TSRE5 and Mosaic made the job much easier) and vegetation, though trackside objects will require some work, mostly signs related to level crossings, and there's lot of them along both routes. Most interactive objects, such as signals, are placeholders as of now, so none of them will get messed up when I'm editing track layouts, but once I'll be done with track laying I'll put operational objects in place. As of trees I prefer to use tree clumps combined in one shape, I never was a fan of dynamic forests.

        What I really like about my project is how accurate the elevation profiles are. I had an opportunity to drive a train twice (former DB diesel railcars class 627.1 and 628.0) on route no. 31 during my apprenticeship and I was astonished myself, not to mention the colleague who initially gave me directions on where to accelerate or brake, until he noticed that I perfectly know what I'm doing without his tips. There are places, such as large yards with numerous switches, where I had to simplify the profile a bit, but I did my best wherever it's possible.

        Also huge thanks to Alfajet777, who recorded almost a cabview video with quite a portion of route no. 31.