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Train Simulations / SLI BNSF Seligman Activities

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    Train Simulations / SLI BNSF Seligman Activities

    Ok, so they got the Scenery improved a great deal as well as Trackage including Gradients.

    Who checks out the included Activities? They just do not seem to operate properly. right now I am on HEADIN'_TO_PHOENIX activity. Again lots of trains bunched up, another being pushed backwards and signals that do not make sense.

    There is a train, with BN Geeps, local by the looks of it that is being pushed that does not even register on the Dispatcher Window!

    I am very disappointed in TS/SLI for these anomalies in an otherwise good attempt at an Update to a good route. I am also very disappointed to have paid out the Dollars (Cdn) for this update. The activities by Everett Keating seem to work with no issues.

    Just a rant and meant to get the attention of someone from SLI/TS because they have not answered any e-mails.

    I've had no problems with any of the activities.
    Glenn Duba
    Cinnaminson, NJ


      From the sounds of things, you still do not have your options set to exactly what is shown in the pdf documentation. People who saw this odd behavior generally did not, and had them set to their own preferences as required by other routes.
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