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In Game (MG) Question about my end of player path

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    ^Hi Neil,
    Note in my example that I was running on Blackfoot 3, which is not signaled. I have run similar activities on signaled routes, and they will often run fine. Occasionally, though, I will have to use the Dispatch window to manually set a signal to get the desired result for an AI train. Most of the time, for the player train, I can just use the Tab key to get Dispatcher permission to pass signal displaying stop.


      Originally posted by qballbandit View Post
      Vince, I am not using MSTS editors. I am using the OR/MG Track Viewer to build my paths, and TSRE to create the activities.
      ..........snip................Thanks guys!
      Hi Neil,
      Yes, I realize that but in the Path Creation application you used and the same choices are given.

      I don't know about the ORMG path generation but here is a clip from the OR Track
      Viewer manual showing it's popup for diverge (junction) switch point.

      Basically the same as the old MSTS clip I previously provided.
      The 'X' you show in your #8 post, second picture tells it all . . .
      This is an interrupted passing path.

      If you checked "Start Passing Path" by mistake instead of "Take Other Exit" at that
      first diverge you WILL end up in the situation you are in because the passing path
      generated by this choice MUST rejoin the main player path . . .
      Which it cannot do because there is that end point in the way .

      Interrupting a generated passing path,
      like having a path End Point there​ will put any activity in the ditch.
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        Ok, thanks Vince - sorry, now I see what you mention above when I'm in Track Viewer. I have never checked that option before; I did use "Take Other Exit", as I always do.

        Wade, I did find success using your suggestion I said I'd try.

        My thanks to all who provided assistance and suggestions - I appreciate you!

        Chicago Railroading Fan