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How To EDIT The Blender Window To Look Like Sketchup

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    How To EDIT The Blender Window To Look Like Sketchup

    I don't know if the Question can be put in the Open Rails Discussion

    Hello all I am a person who uses Sketchup 8 a LOT when IT was From Google now IT is From Trimble but I would like to use Blender but it is VERY complicated For me There is some CONFIGURATION To be able To give a little the appearance of Skethup how to select a Model with the Mouse And change the Size of the Model And make the Model Rotation look like in Sketchup
    CN 5337 Proctor MN USA

    Hi Luis,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I saw your intro and you mentioned English is not your first language.

    In English, if you start a sentence with "There Is" it usually means you are discussing something that exists. For example if you said "There is enough money for us to buy lunch" that would mean you have enough money and can eat lunch and will not go hungry.

    English is very tricky.

    If we swap just two words, you have turned a statement into a question:

    For example "Is There" usually is you asking someone else something.
    For example: "Is there enough money for us to buy lunch" - this is you asking another if sufficient money exists to buy lunch - you are expecting a yes or no answer, but you do not know the answer.

    I suspect your post is a question, you want to know if it's possible to do something.
    Is that your intention here?


      I have not heard of of a way to emulate Sketchup in Blender and a google and blendermarket search did not find anything either.

      If you can already use Sketchup, why do want to use Blender?

      Transitioning to new software is never easy, especially when you have muscle memory for a program you have used for years.

      I moved from gmax/photoshop to blender/GIMP and it was hard and frustrating but after a couple of months I reached a point where it became easier and I knew I had made the right decision for me to persist and push through the barriers.

      Since you know Sketchup you also know vertices, edges, triangles, scaling, rotation, translation, etc. It's just a matter of learning how to do the same things you do in Sketchup in Blender and there a many resources out there that can help you.

      I found 'First Steps - Blender 2.80 Fundamentals' ( a really good starting point and I watched many many you tube tutorials for beginners over and over again until it made sense.

      I hope this helps.




        Good Thank You
        CN 5337 Proctor MN USA