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Caboose passenger view

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    Caboose passenger view

    It used to be when you had more than 1 caboose in the train, the passenger view defaulted to the rear-most instance. Now it appears when you hit the 5 key, the caboose passenger view defaults to the first instance (the forward-most) of multiple caboose passenger view definitions. You no longer are riding in the tail end caboose. Why the change?
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    With Open Rails, you can cycle through all the passenger views in your consist. Going by memory here, but open F9, click on a car with a view in its wagon file, hit 5 and the camera should jump there. If I remembered wrong, the steps should be covered in the OR User Guide. Works too for Berenger Loco Works engines in your consist, which seem to always have "#5 views".


      When the multiple passenger viewpoint was added ( Manual Section 9.5 Multiple passenger viewpoints ) --- I believe that's when the viewpoint defaulted to position geepster posted about.

      I have added multiple passenger viewpoints to locomotives, especially switchers on both the front and rear decks. If the lead unit in a consist has a multiple viewpoint and the caboose on the rear --- also with multiple viewpoints --- the default beginning viewpoint is with the front deck on the lead locomotive.

      If there are multiple locomotives --- all with ORTS passenger viewpoints --- the Shift+5 will cycle through them, beginning with the lead locomotive and ending at the last ORTS viewpoint available --- before returning to the front most viewpoint in the consist.

      If there's a way to start at a different point in the chain of viewpoints, I do not know about it.
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