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    Originally posted by eric View Post
    The best bet.... find someone within the ORTS Dev Team who knows the TrackViewer, and have them start with that. Really, all it needs is an interface to create the ACT, SRV, and TRF files...
    I wish!
    Cheers, Gerry
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      I agree! I a STILL using the MSTS Activity Editor! The reason is,as you say,it is impossible to set up PATHS. Using the OR Path Editor is annoying,as you have glitches that prevent you from completing it. You usually have to "Join Path Here" and that creates other problems. The glitch for establishing your AI Traffic still has not been fixed and I much prefer the old "Graphic" method of placing my static consists on Yard or Siding trackage. I can knock out a quality Activity on MSTS in about 2 hours,where with TSRE,it takes me that long just to make a mess! Having vented,I do feel that I need to master TSRE,as The Open Rails only content cannot be created any other way. I guess I just need to get out of my comfort zone and LEARN the thing! Brian


        Are the activity files plain text when they're complete?


          Clearly there is a learning curve problem with the new product.
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            I tend to use Activity Generator and Activity Master a lot nowadays. Skyline Computing Home


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              Originally posted by geepster775 View Post
              Clearly there is a learning curve problem with the new product.
              I think so Geepster,at least in my case. I did create a decent Activity for PRR using TSRE,but it took a lot longer and I had to compensate for the problems outlined. As I said,I fell back to MSTS Activity Editor because,for me,there were no problems. Obviously,I cannot do that to create anything for Shasta,Ruell or Mullen. I also think that there are too many bells and whistles in TSRE that makes it overly complicated for the casual creator. Great for people who are into computers,but for people like myself,who just view computers as a tool,it is a detriment. Brian


                Originally posted by TrainSimJack View Post
                Are the activity files plain text when they're complete?

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