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chinese passenger coaches (no?) download.

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    chinese passenger coaches (no?) download.

    Hi all,

    I'm compelled to write because of a problem: I downloaded from this site a Chinese Route (Haerbin Dalian i.e. sy&dl) but I could'n find rolling stock but locomotives only.I searched online without success. I have temporarily composed a credible consist (Moscow to Beijing) with Russian carriages and a Chinese loco, but I am not satisfied, Who could help me?

    Thanks in advance, and please forgive my English

    I can't help you I'm afraid but I wanted to compliment you on your excellent written English !


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      We have several Chinese participants here, so be patient and perhaps one of them will help direct you towards no source for what you're looking for. Not everybody posts or checks here daily.
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        Maybe I can be of some assistance. There is a multilevel Chinese coach available in the F/L however dated, but it is the only piece of Chinese coaches I could find. Hopefully this answers your question and points you in the right direction. BTW, These coaches also make excellent Kawasaki Multilevel cars for NE commuter rails.

        Click image for larger version

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        Cory Duguid
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          Thank you very, very much!

          Best regards!


            This is a Chinese website with lots of free Chinese locomotives, carraiges and freights. But you need to install a Chinese downloader called Baidu Netdisk first.


              Thank you Dave, but I'm afraid I won't download. I have sufficient difficulty with the English language and the ideograms are too difficult for me. However, the Moscow Beijing train exists, although it travels very far from this route....

              Best regards