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FBL additional rolling stock update

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    FBL additional rolling stock update

    Hi folks.

    As some of you would have seen on one of the previous FBL threads, I’ve been working on a bunch of “off-brand” freight cars for the route. I hope to have them uploaded before the week is out.

    There are 28 packs of various freight cars to be uploaded (Autoracks, 2 sets of Boxcars, Flatcars, Containers, 4 sets of gondolas, 6 sets of various hopper types, 5 sets of various reefers, 3 sets of various tank car types, 3 sets of TOFCs and 2 mixed sets). The models are a mix of Ted’s, Andrey’s & Jeff’s and also quite a few by SLI/TS. I have suggested in the readmes for the SLI/TS stuff (but worth repeating here) that anyone who downloads the sets might want to save themselves some time and check through all the .dds files before they go to the trouble of copying & renaming shape files etc. No matter how big a fan of FBL and/or fictional routes you are, it won’t all be for everyone for a number of reasons. While I have made up a variety of freight cars with the names of various industries/business names on the route (see below) many of the car names are purely fictional (although some of the names will be familiar to members of this forum or fans of music, books, movies etc 😉) and there’s also quite a variation in the age of some of the models, texture sizes etc that might bother some people and will require some culling depending on your own likes and dislikes.

    I will also upload a 29th set that will have everything in it so anyone that has a first class/fast pass membership that wants to browse through it all can download it in one go rather having to do each one individually.

    Just to repeat, not everyone is going to like all this stuff no matter how much you are enjoying FBL, but if you do download some/all of it hopefully you’ll find enough items to add some variety to your FBL consists or at least to use as some yard filler. Over the next few days I’ll make a final run through of the readmes, recheck the cars one last time and hopefully catch any errors I’ve missed previously before I start uploading.

    Companies/Industry names in the route I've made freight cars for:

    DUNKTOWN: North American Plywood, Arnold & Fleischman, Diamond Chemical Co, H&B Oil, Continental Oil.
    MOUNT OLIVER: Copperplate & Co, Ag Co-Op, Sunkist Citrus, Stratus Petroleum.
    YONDER: Big River Grain Co, Yonder Loco Works.
    FORT FAIRFAX: Holcim Cement, Monarch Cement, Black & Sons.
    OLYMPIA: Sunkist Citrus.
    LAKE HURST: Allied Growers.
    NEWTON: Newton Oil Co.


    That sounds good to me.FBL is fun all this time.


      Good stuff, Pete. FBL appears to be enjoying a period of re-emergence --- what with the new route mods, rolling stock and forum interests. Nice to see.
      Cheers, Gerry
      "A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open." Frank Zappa
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      Forever, ridin' drag in railroad knowledge.
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        I agree completely Gerry & John. I'm really enjoying the new version of the route and it's given me a push to finish my own fictional RR, even if converting it all to FBL related names has been a much more time consuming task than I first thought it would be. It took me a long time to come around to the idea of a fictional RR but now I'm into it I'm really loving the "alternate world" aspect of it. To quote a quote, "It's my railroad and I'll do what I want!" has never rung more true. 😊

        I'm working on readmes and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a question? Do the archived products on the TS website have the same installation paths as they did when they were SLI products? I've used the Feather River set for some shape files and I'm wondering if the TS "version" still installs to the SLI_UP_FRC_INTERMODAL folder (for instance) or whether the names have now been changed to reflect TS rather than SLI etc?


          You've really outdone yourself. The complete "system complete" number of rolling stock and variations is unmatched. I eyeballed some of the files -
          "Vanderlay Industries" & "Page & Plant" caught my eye really had some fun with this I have to see if there are more snickers like these

          Chicago Railroading Fan


            Thanks heaps Neil, much appreciated. I'm enjoying the route so much I've got 2 versions running at the moment. One that's only Mount Oliver - Frampton and another that's Frampton - Dunktown/Fort Fairfax so it's been good to have enough rolling stock to create some variety between the 2 versions. I did have a bit of fun with some of the names and hopefully you find a few more that provide a smile. Every desert region needs an importer/exporter of latex after all. 😊😊


              >if the TS "version" still installs to the SLI_UP_FRC_INTERMODAL folder (for instance) or whether the names have now been changed to reflect TS rather than SLI etc?

              TS versions have dds textures and cannot mix with sli stock as sli stock use s files, so answer is the names have changed.