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ATSF SD45B Unit for 1995 Westbound Southwest Chief

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    Sorry no message in mail-box. send to dontl369 at g mail

    Hopefully it will help. I will try again with the new suggestions.

    Thank You all.


      Originally posted by yellowdog View Post
      I didn't have this loco, but messed around with it for about 15 minutes yesterday and got it up and running. I used the BN_SD45_6476.s shape that is available for free here in the library, in the Danny Beck BN file pack. I renamed that file to ATSF_SD45B_5502.s per the Readme. I used SFM 2.5 to uncompress it, then used notepad ++ to edit it. I edited the shader_names and prim_states code per the Readme instructions. I edited the image code to this:

      images ( 4
      image ( ATSF_SD45B_5502a.ace )
      image ( ATSF_SD45B_5502b.ace )
      image ( SD40_GLASS.ace )
      image ( SD40_GLASSb.ace )

      I don't know if the 2 "glass" aces are exactly the same, but the SD40_INT.ace is definitely the cab, which shouldn't be there. So I didn't use it.

      After the editing, I compressed the image file using SFM 2.5. It loaded into the sim just fine. The placement of the FA is a little off. I fiddled with moving it some, but it seems like nothing is going to line up perfectly, so it just is what it is.

      Some of the recommendations and screenshots above indicate people are using the atsf_sd45-2_5683.s However, that is a SD45-2, not a SD45. Very different carbody, and is not correct. Just FYI.

      Thank you for the info, I'll give the BN shape a try..