I just thought I'd throw this out there...I have always liked seeing the less common "oddball" locomotives and rolling stock modeled, especially things that just kept kicking and stuck around seemingly forever. It's rare in the real world, it's different, and sometimes you can even appreciate why it was a horrible idea to begin with and fell out of favor.

For example...Some things I've always searched the file library for without ever really finding are the odd leftover BN B-Units that BNSF had on their roster.

BNSF 1700 was a GP9B that survived well into the 2000's painted up in new BNSF paint, after a career with Burlington Northern. This one I actually have, in the original green BN paint, but would love to see re-done in the new paint scheme.

Somewhere out there, there is a photo of this old GP9B sandwiched between a brand new pair of AC4400s or something similar hauling freight on the main line.

Similarly, BNSF 2249 started out life, once again, in green BN paint, as a GP38-2 numbered 2601. It was involved in some kind of crash and got rebuilt as a cabless GP38-2B, I think the only one of it's kind. Way, way back in the day once upon a time, I had an HO scale model of this in it's green BN paint, I think kitbashed by my dad from some old Aeathern trains.
BNSF 2249 got repainted into the new BNSF paint and I think still survives to this day.

Like I said before, it's interesting to see how long some of those engines have survived. BN and the successor BNSF had some GP9s and SD9s running in fresh new paint and apparently good condition well into the 2000's, some with the original high noses and some rebuilt, one even became an SD9-3 with a completely new cab and some serious upgrades.

I want to say, I realize what a pain and a challenge it can be to build models like these for ORTS or MSTS. If it were easy, anyone could do it. Sadly, I don't have the skills. If anyone here feels up to it, I'd love to see any of those oddballs modeled for us, but I also understand if it simply isn't "worth the squeeze" so to say.